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I apologize for posting this but I don't know where to ask for help.

I'm looking for a bit of help. I have a spirit attached to me. I have hundreds of fast orbs spinning around me. My right side tingles when he attempts to communicate with me and I've had multiple friends tell me the see a shadow moving around my right side. It's not malevolent in anyway. I sense he's just lost or trapped.

Sage has not helped release or free this spirit. Is there any ceremony or blessings that people can recommend?

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Not being nosy , or weird...

( well , I *am* weird and weyyrd , anyway )

But two questions... long has this been ongoing ?

Two...Are you pregnant , or have you put out the thought you want a child ?

It's been going on for a while now, few months. But I was unsure if I was over reacting till recently. And no way I'm pregnant. Ive been celibate for 6 mos.
Its not being noisy if I announce it to strangers. :) Any help is welcome.

I offer exorcism services for a low-income friendly price. Results guaranteed. Message Shawn for details.

Thank you

Don't put your "Spooky" shit on me...

Karen , ignore him with any posts regarding me and exorcisms ,

or anything of the kind...he is our site's relatively friendly , trollish

stylie bad boy...comes and goes , like a bad cold you can't get rid

of , but would miss if it went away permanently...;)

The reason I asked about pregnancy , is spirits ready to incarnate ,

can manifest and act like that...the other possibility , can be health...

Any issues , especially right side ?

Internal organs ?

Just trying to assist , by narrowing down possibilities...

Ok. Will do. Thanks for the warning. No medical issues that are recent. Though, I've been having tingling off and on on my right side and I know that's the entity. In the video I did the other night. The 100s of orbs recorded that follow me seem to focus on the right side. I can post the video if you like.

I think myself and others would find an interest in it...

We always ask for whatever evidence one can present , or choose to...;)

I made that post to test your intelligence. Congratulations! You're somewhere between a bag of hammers and a soap dish.

Considering you test intelligence behind the keyboard of a forum. I think you should be the last to judge anything beyond yourself and your own level of intelligence.
You want my cc# n info now?
No, it's more like an entity or spirit that's attached to my energy. A parasitic twin is a conjoined twin. Parasitic twin is physical and mine is spiritual.


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