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I apologize for posting this but I don't know where to ask for help.

I'm looking for a bit of help. I have a spirit attached to me. I have hundreds of fast orbs spinning around me. My right side tingles when he attempts to communicate with me and I've had multiple friends tell me the see a shadow moving around my right side. It's not malevolent in anyway. I sense he's just lost or trapped.

Sage has not helped release or free this spirit. Is there any ceremony or blessings that people can recommend?

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I have video I can post as well.

Does it have any parasitic twins in it?

Notice how she has all the answers yet came here to get help? This is why I think that this thread is bogus. This thread is feeding a delusion :3

I don't care.  I'm just here to see a picture of her parasitic twin.

You all are very , very , bad...( wags finger )

Nephele if you must join in the fray , and harass her ,

at least have this while you wait...

Pssh. I'm not bad; this is why I don't allow any other pagans near my home; I can't tolerate the stupid. It burns.

Shawn, those things in that video you linked seriously looked like lacerated penises in various states of decomposition.  I didn't hang around long enough to see whether anyone actually put one of those things in their mouth.

Stop playing forum policeman.  If the OP thinks my goofiness is "harassment" then she can tell me herself. 

Nephele , I really thought you would like the

gothic ice cream cone...sorry you didn't...

I don't think you are bad...I was kidding with you...

Blackbird , or by whatever name , before he left before...

I think he knows , as well as I and others do , has been

purposefully going way overboard , in many threads with

harassment and insults , and I don't want to see it start

happening again...

That is my feeling , and my opinion , and if it does continue ,

or get worse , I am going to say something every time I see it...

Whether he , or even you , who I both like , will be bothered

by that , oh well...that will be where we disagree...

I have just gotten tired of the harassment...

Whether the Op in this thread , is pulling the leg , or not...

And I am not sure she is , as in the Faery Tradition , we

do see orbs , when they are around...there have been a number

of mentions of this , on this site in threads , and I have myself

experienced it...

She still did not deserve the way she was treated , in my opinion...

So , maybe , if people don't want me , or others to say something ,

then perhaps they can temper their behavior a bit...

I hope you hear that well , because I will speak up , when and if

it keeps happening...;)

    Nephele , I really thought you would like the

    gothic ice cream cone...sorry you didn't...


I guess I'm just a rare breed of female who actually doesn't care all that much for the taste of chocolate. :)  But your thoughtfulness was appreciated.


    I don't think you are bad...I was kidding with you...


We REALLY need a special "playful teasing" font for this forum. :)


As for Blackbird...  He does his thing. *shrugs*  I've told him before that, if he wants to troll, he's welcome to troll me.  I don't give a crap, and if I ever should start to give a crap, then he'll suddenly and unexpectedly find himself sitting in the dust wondering when the hell the barn door fell on him.  :)


As for the OP...  I don't get bothered much by people who come here claiming to have special powers or special supernatural friends.  At least they're not posting about how much they adore and worship Trump and how we all need to join the alt-right or take our red pills or listen to YooBoob propagandists to tell us what's what.


And, for the record, I really, really, REALLY want to see some pics of parasitic twins. Because I'm into that kind of shit.  :)

Oh, she said harassment? Well. It's a public forum.

Why don't you try and ask the spirit what she/he wants? If you cannot do that, then seek advice from a medium. This spirit may be anything from an ancestor trying to protect you to a lost child seeking comfort and not knowing that it is dead. As long as you do not feel drained or in danger, then I doubt you have anything to fear. Simply just ask!

I thought harassment and "unwanted "attention were the points in making a public forum post to begin with. Unless, we being the saints manifest in the flesh that we are, people actually make altruistic posts trying to further personal enlightenment and spur serious debate and we do not behave like heathens we will never, never be the greatest 'Merika we can be.
Thank you and may heyzeus bless 'Merika. Amun.


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