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So the first place I went to was right by the waiting area for the bus. its like a knick knack store and in the back is supposedly a place to walk in and out of dimensions. When I am waiting for the bus and sometimes hear the Pictures on the walls talking really loud to me - it give me very bad headache and sometimes ear aches. I can also see shadows - maybe caused by radar or something on the floor where I have to stand to wait-= it looks like some kind of depiction of children 0r spirits usually with a red or black material around it. 

So I went into the store near the area first- the two ladies - one had glowing blue eyes and the others face was going through some kind of shift- she said like something about the color brown and death or something. Anyway I went in - really excited to talk about their experiences- I still am ! and I told them.

 HI my name is Elisabeth I am a college student nearby and I write on Paganspace - I have noticed spirits speaking to me and trying to very physically try to get me to go somewhere - have you noticed any strange acitivity -

similar to noise or light disturbances or odors?

I have to note that while I was standing ther e  - I could feel and hear really strong disturbances and I was hoping that they would conifrm them so we could in some way make consider them gone. But they um both told me they couldn't or don't see or hear any thing going on out of the ordinary??? Um I kind of wanted to confront them but that really doesn't make sense because I mean different people can see/hear different things. But I mean there is like SOOOO MUCH activity in that mall why are some of them hiding things/? - the one woman had   worked   there   18   years.


Anyway so I went on to the store across the way - every time I am in there I see the men near the entrance like with a light around them - bluish and they make me feel kind of sick. I was hoping there was something they could tell me about whats going on that could help?

SO I gave them the same spiel as to who I was - a spirit of course chimed in like a monkey to keep saying that I wasn't a paid writer. Someone told me over 5 years ago that it didn't matter if you said you write for someone even if they don't pay you but... anyway so the "men" said that they never have seen or smelled anything strange. Again this made me sad because I know there are entities in there working every day  whethter for good/evil and they want to be RECOGNIZED> I mean someone could have a great discussion about it. But again they want ME TO DO IT FIRST.. bla

So I left there and went down to the Jewelry store- the ladies there were very nice but I guess their "PAN' again thatw what they call their brain or ability to speak . Didn't want them to speak with me about their experiences whether good or bad. They were very nice though. I told them to walk right up to me and speak to me if their is anything they want publicized and I hope they do.

Next was an oddity store of some kind - there was two middle aged people - seemingly very friendly I told them what I was there about - about 2 minutes into the conversation the whole area in the store became very unfriendly feeling. It seemed like the air was king of hard or the plane shifted. I could feel something kicking at my boots. I kind of felt like I was standing in the middle of a spaceship or something. I didn't feel afraid I just felt squished and uncomfortable. So I continued to speak to the lady - she told me that an older lady that worked there and died was still there haunting the place the other ladies mother. We chatted about it and also the first lady mentioned "freman". 

I felt some more noise and light disruptions and something kept going over my memories of looking at earrings somehow like floating around me. I mean its got to be hard working in that mall. More discussion is what they need I will hopefully get to know them and maybe make some pleasant purchases with them. 

So I left there and went on to the Peircing Pagoda - I have seen the people there speaking several times on some kind of "phone" in their heads or around their heads. Anyway I walked right up to them and spoke to them --- same introduction - I was very excited - they   also said they hadn't seen or heard anything :( But we did discuss whether they had seen or heard or smelled anything strange. THey said they hadn't but they had witnessed domestic episodes as well as DRUG OVERDOSES. I do believe a group of the entities haunting me may have overdosed so maybe that will help them>

Then walked down to the Pizza PLace something walked up in me on the way there and sad they were going to get mad at me for what I was doing _ exposing them so they can move on... but I didn't let it hold me back. The first person I talked to had only been there amonth I told HIM what I SAW and FELT as far as something tugging at me and stuff he - truthfully - said he didn't know anythibg. Then some other men - pizza place workers walked towards us and I started to get a bad feeling from them. I continued with my plan to say who I am - was etc the baldish man  talked with me and said THERE IS no such thing as witches - like loudly several times. I told him I was a witch and he continued to verbally assault me so I just turned away and walked on. To the pretzel maker perons - I guess he was still tuned to the pizza person > Cause he seemed like really cold and standoffish but I spoke to him anyway and he said   he never  saw  or heard of anything- but seemed sad or like someone was restraing him from talking. 

Next was the shoe store, basically they environment wasn't as bad as last itme- the counter had been moved and the air seemed more normal. The cashier was really helpful  and seemed very interested!~ I told her again about the male prescence that I have sensed there and we had a great conversation.  There was a man working on the air conditioning or something and he seemed interested. SHe said she would come see me with other info some time- I do plan to be closer friends with people that are interested so that I can write more about whats going on.

Basically also I went to the Claires shop- the lady looked like someone from a video or tv show very nice- she seemed VERRRY INTERESTED in the happenings- I have a feeling that I may visit her again . At some point after Christmas or something I maygo get a second ear piercing or something. I mean I am trying to write could you stop hitting my head from the windows- queer.

Anyway as you can see our local OLEAN mall is really in need of some intervention , their are spirits all over it and a lot of pent up juveniles. I will be visiting there and also sitting with my notebook or GRIMOIRE at times. I am hoping their is a force for good in the mall that can see all these people trying to WORK IT OUT and help them and maybe also myself. Tune in and check it out I want to tell you all about it.

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