Hello everyone! I've been MIA for a while for a few reasons. Around the last time I was active here, I had just found a lump and was being tested for cancer (doesn't seem to be cancer although it does have to be rechecked in a couple months). Since then my health has continued to deteriorate and I found myself unable to meditate. I'm being investigated for why I have a rapid heartbeat, which is causing me to not be able to breathe deeply (and fall), but it's taking a while. I have always used deep breathing as a way to fall into deep meditation and astral projection and it's how I communicate with the higher powers I devote myself to. Since having these breathing problems and being unable to get into deep meditation, I feel like a part of me has been cut off. I haven't been well enough to spend time outside and in nature either. It's really been a struggle.

So that brings me to my questions. Do any of you have other ways you slip into meditation? How do you cope with being cut off from nature for whatever reason? I've had to move back into a christian home and I have limited space to do anything pagan. I would appreciate any tips anyone has on these things! Oh, an additional note, I'm supposed to be connecting more to the element of water. I've been told through past meditations and by a few psychics that I need to distance myself from fire and connect with water because my connection with fire has reached a destructive phase. Not that fire is bad, just that I need balance that I currently do not have. 

Sorry this is a little rambling, again any tips are greatly appreciated!

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Hey Laura...

Sorry to hear about your health...I am having my own stuff at 63...

How about this to cover both issues for you...

In a warm bath , use mudras , ( yogic hand positions ) fluidly moving

one into the next...here are a few...you can find more , I am sure...

Even asking a local practitioner...



I hope these yoga hand poses will help you.


So much of what you are going through rings true to me. I can relate totally to having health issues  becoming a hindrance to spiritual pursuits. It's really hard to properly meditate when you have breathing problems. What helped me was using CDs of a variety of sorts. Whether it be guided meditations, or just ambient drumming noise, it helped me to focus on what I wanted to do instead of how I thought I was supposed to do it. I always used meditation as a means of connected to higher spiritual realms and found that shamanic journeying CDs helped. The key (I think) is training your mind to compensate for what your physical body is having troubles with.


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