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The other day I posted a blog about this praying mantis who decided to hang out on the door to our patio my question is he/she has been here since and wanted to know if anyone thought (based on any magickal attributes of the praying mantis) if there was some "spiritual" significance for this rather interesting insect to be hanging around us.....course now he's hanging out on the top of the door frame...what do you think?

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I think he wants inside. lol

I've heard a few different things about mantis's. I've heard that they're significant for great spiritual thought and profound experience, that they're patient, and patience is rewarded, that they are significant of quick, decisive action. Also, their coloring is often associated with jade-stone, a symbol of luck and spiritual power. However none of this is confirmed, I'm not a good source on bug-lore. I do know that ancient China looked favorably on the mantis, and that the mantis kung fu forms are largely redirecting and counter-attacking forms, so it's entirely possible that the little guy could be significant of redirecting negative energy away from your home.

But like I said, not sure, take it all with a grain of salt. And some coffee. I miss coffee.
Interesting thoughts though Woad..there isnt much green on him currently since he's been hangin here...only what appears to be his underwings (LOL!) are a bright pale green....Im curious as to what others might say on this topic...thanks Woad *handing him a cup of coffee* sugar is on the counter, spoons in the drawer there and milk is in the fridge....
I did a quick google search and found these for you. Can't confirm the reliability of the websites, but the information makes sense to me. Hope it helps.
Thanks Woad..I'll check them out


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