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Was Stonehenge an awesome trick, built around an understanding of physics? Yes.


FYI I don't use HuffPost for anything but killing time. I don't go to them for actual information.

Archaeoacoustics, by the way, coolest sounding thing ever.

Some Nobody: What do you do?

Cool Person: Oh nothing, i just work with archaeoacoustics. I'm an archeologist and s**t, but I also fuck with Physics and Music.

Hot Nerd Chick: Oh ma Gawd, your like the coolest scientist evaaaaar!!!! F**k those CERN m***a f****s.

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No alcohol.

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Arnold did it.

I saw an article about it. Based on what I thought about Stonehenge previously, the article made sense to me.

Stonehenge Nick?

They built it so the people would have somewhere to go on the solstice.

They know now a tribe permenantly lived there.

It's also an accepted fact that they congregated ther hundreds of years before they even began building the Henge.
"Seriously, how noisy do you think it was when Stonehenge was built that they'd want to duplicate some sort of "quiet" technique."

There were people living around Stonehenge long before they begun the construction process.

It's an accepted fact that the site was used and THEN they built the henge.

It makes more sense that when they were partying, someone notices the noise canceling effect, and it wowed them to the point that they placed the henges, which were probably wooden poles until the stone could be cut and transported.
"If they wanted quiet, all they had to do was cease whatever they were doing."

"And I doubt that wooden poles would produce the same effect"

You misunderstood the article.

The stones are markers for where the sound waves cancel eachother out. It would seem as though each opening was solid. You'd still hear the pipes playing, but it would sound obstructed.

There were definitely a wooden henge before the stones were set up, so they discovered it a long time ago. They may have even understood that sound is a wave, drawing the conclusion from the same occurence with waves of the water.

I guess it was a modern work of architecture built to look like it was ancient. It´d make sense if it had been built between the 1900´s and the 1950´s using modern technology. I´ve seen some pictures of the supposedly ´ancient technology´used to do ´construction work´on Stonehenge in the early 20th century. Could this ´fixation work´as it was called by the Mainstream Media actually be the work done on Stonehenge then , thus proving that Stonehenge is a Modern Creation and not an ancient one??

You are a fucking idiot.

I'm not even going to correct you, because you are not worth the time it would talke trying to explain how unbelievably stupid you are.

I'm hoping this discussion continues because I read the article and was intrigued.  Now, it could have been 'partiers' that came across this late one night by accident and decided to build upon it or maybe it had applications for spiritual/energy/healing techniques of some sort.  Sound (and silence) has been a part of healing and ritual since the beginning so who knows?

Anybody got any brilliant ideas to discuss?

"Anybody got any brilliant ideas to discuss?"


What early man figured out about sound, light, etc. You know physics 'n' stuff.

Someone in this very thread doubted man could build such structure.

And here they are demonstrating an understanding of physics.


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