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While I was working at my retail job, a elderly woman came up to me asking about the jewelry. I told her that everything was one of a kind and imported from all over the world. She pointed to a bracelet and started to smile as I took it out.
She proceeded to tell me about herself. She is an immagrant from Ireland and she was very close to her Celtic background. 
The bracelet was in the celtic knot formation, followed by a dragon’s head on each end.
She told me that the Celts scared off the Romans in a battle because they ran to them nude and had the same bracelet design as a necklace. The woman told me that the necklace was designed to connect the mind and body in battle. 
She also brought up the chakras –and that blew my mind honestly because I didn’t think those two thing would have relation.
I wish i got her name or atleast I would love to hear more of her stories…

If anyone knows more i would love to know!

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Got to love our elders! So much experience and yes, stories to tell. On my reservation, any 55 year old is regarded as an elder.. I am 55 and don't feel I have the wisdom to be classified as, an elder. I guess I will have to wait to be questioned by some one younger than I. Friends my age and myself, talk, learning from each other, but not really seeking advice.. . or are we? :)

hhhmm in michoacan ,mexico there was a small village wich was located on the colder side of the country. The people in the town had a large cemetery . the elder people told me that during heavy rain they have seene a sort of huge water current floating above the mountains ,about 25 ft from the mountains surface.they said it resembled a snake . and it would rip trees from the earth and toss them far away.

It would seem that they seem rather reminiscent when we talked about it.


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