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A few years ago I was living with this guy and i found out he was fooling around on me and drinking alot, I was just about to dump him when I got a visit from my dad who died when I was 12. He asked for a glass of water and then told me to stay with this man and that he would straighten up and be a good man...Our wedding anniversery is in June(13).

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WOW! What an amazing thing to have happen! Congrats! :)
Oh, thats so cruel!! Your waiting to dump him on the wedding day?!! T_T

jk ^_^ I am sooo glad things turned out well for you, I hope you both have an amazing and loving relationship forever and ever. XD Your dad sounds like an awesome guy, glad he is looking out for you.

wow love it when spirit intervenes hehe glad you stuck it out
Will that be your first anniversery then ? Is strange but great if he has straightened up and is a good man :) Blessings
13th and he is a pretty good guy...a baby sometimes but none the less a good old boy. lol
I had a similar situation with my current partner: there were soooo many red flags, I was seriously questioning my sanity, but the spirit world intervened and said to stick it out, 'cuz he'd be worth it. Yup. They were right. After a rocky first year, this relationship ended up to be the best thing that ever happened to the both of us. :-)
Great story!
Thank You. I hope your life is full of great times, Blessings
Wonderful story!
You were very lucky that your future husband was able to pull himself together, you did not want to quit on some level and your dream about your dad was that part of you, anyway, hopew you had a happy anniversary.


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