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What superstitions do you have ? If not what are your thoughts about them ?

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Greetings. Have just left you a message !!! I hate walking under ladders, new shoes on the table and crossed knives on the table. These 'superstitions' were inherited from my Grandmother and I've never grown out of them. (smiles).
Thank you for this Mojo. Excellent.
Greetings young man (smiles) Conas tá tú?. Ex husbands Too. LOL
When we reach the age of the 'Wise One ' we should all have the honour of using this phrase LOL. How are the boiled eggs by the way?????
Boiled no Char scrambled definately LOL LOL
Aren't you the lucky one !!!! LOL Char I mean LOL.
Oh Fionn we would not mock you for the world. (Smiles)
Fionn eggs will never be mentioned again promise.
I don't have any really. But one day at work we were given new parking passes to put in our cars. Each had a number. Mine was "00666". Even I didn't want to tempt fate and asked for another pass.
Anybody got problems with 8's and 4's ?????
I was born at 4:48am, the best and most important things in my life have in some way been related to a 4. When I turned 40 I bought a convertible mustang. The VIN number has four 4s, the dealer said that was unusual. I love my car. My son was born on the 4th of June. My partner and I were unexpectedly [long story] handfasted on the 8th of Dec. I had to go out of town for a sales meeting that was very up in the air and had a high probably of being a no-go; as soon as the hotel clerk handed me my room key (rm 44 / 4th floor 4th room) I knew I was going to close the deal. Sure enough that worked out great. When I was looking for a house, there was a certain feature I wanted. My relater was having a hard time finding a wrap around porch (at least in my price range), on our 2nd day out to look at houses we turned into a drive way with a house number of 142, I knew right away this was going to be it. Sure enough the house has a wrap around porch, but that feature wasn't described on the listing. I love my house.

It's still odd to me how some numbers can be so mystical and filled with energy for some people, and for others, they are something to avoid.
LOL, you and 3 other guys in my department. I used to drive 78 miles to and from work, I didn't want to add to the drama of that commute.
Absolutely I like the way you turn Superstitions into positive actions. Thanks for sharing Riverstone.


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