What superstitions do you have ? If not what are your thoughts about them ?

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I throw spilled salt over my left shoulder. Do it without even thinking really, until hubby and the kids laugh at me......


I throw salt over my shoulder , Knock on wood a lot , Never say thankyou for a plant someone might give me and woun't let them tell me thankyou for a plant i might give them , I would never give knifes as a gift . I always leave a coin in a purse i get rid of . and im sure i do other things just out of habit and i can't think of right now .. I find it good luck when a cat crosses my path and Friday the 13th is lucky walking under a ladder is fun too.. lol
Yes I remember that one Alice coins in a purse always had those when given as a present. Thanks for reminding me.
I toss salt over my shoulder, I tend to knock on wood, and I dont walk under ladders...lol
13 oddly enough tends to be a lucky number for me...haha
As it is for many Becca 13 when added is 4 which is why I asked if people have a problem with this number. The chinese believe 8 to be very auspicious.
I guess the only one I have is knock on wood. It is a silly superstition. Habit LOL
I think the black cat thing all depends on what culture youre looking at, because Ive heard both...And Ive also heard that white cats can be seen as good or bad luck...
I am never sure which direction the black cat should take for good luck also over here in the U.K. we acknowledge Mr Magpie. When we see them we say 'Good morning Mr Magpie' etc if you see one it is for sorrow, two for gold three for a secret never to be told etc.


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