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Welcome to the Discussion.  It was entitled Swords vs. Athame but I think we all know that swords are the heavier to use.


Greetings,  This is a new concept for me being I returned from a great vacation and scored on a relatively awesome gift, a sword.


We know some history on my end on Athane and the Asman of bathing it through dance, but what do you know about it in your own magickal practices and uses?


If you don't mind sharing your ideas on swords and your unique knowledge for using them - I'd love it!

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I've got a sword but i don't use it for magic.

Thank you.  I know there is a difference and this is the answer I was searching.  Some practitioners do use a sword.  I am getting the practise up for balance given its weight - like from hand to hand and up over the top to down low - for now.


I'd like to use mine and not leave it to lay waste.  My son sleeps with it, lol, but he will eventually allow it out of its cover someday.

I have a sword but its decorative, its the replica of the Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain video game series. I have two athames, one of metal and another of bone.

Yep - its been corrected. 

The high bone Athame?

My swords:  1-hand and a half, 2-schiavonas, 2-claymores, 1-scottish basket hilt, 1-german side sword, 2-rapiers, 1-viking long sword, 3-katana, 2-wakizashi, and 1-bat'leth (440 spring steel).

I have used the hand and a half for rituals, Norse tradition.

I have a short sword. My wife and I used it for our handfasting. We were both challenged by our best friends using the sword. Yes, we allowed them to touch our ritual sword.
When I cast a circle I use my wand, at the end of the ritual to clear the circle I use my sword. I have no real reason for doing it this way other than my preference, my opinion and my own feelings.
Other than that, when my daughters were dating I didn't have a gun so I used to sit and sharpen my sword when the boys were coming to my house.

Thanks.  I'm having fun with getting aquainted with it and wanted to share the subject.


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