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For many years I have seen a certain symbol in my head when my eyes are closed, Take a triangle and round the corners instead of making them points draw a circle around it connect the triangle and circle with lines in every inch of space,draw a smaller rounded triangle in the center connected to the rest with a tiny circle in the center and you have the symbol.

I have sometimes seen this symbol in parts of movies but before that ever happened I saw this thing in my head the whole thing glowing yellowish green.

I have seen a medallion in azuregreen that is similar but the corners are pointed not rounded.

Has anyone else ever seen this same image in their head or heard of a similar symbol?

I wanted to ask the teacher of a meditation class I once took about this symbol and what it could mean but he interrupted me saying anything I saw was private and not to be discussed but I still want to know what it is and what it could mean.

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You are referring to this format - known on the circuit as a "Power Triangle".

The corners are in fact rounded on the left version (the more it is enlarged the rounder they become) - but more sharper on the right....depending on the manufactured cast used.

Neither have the singular BLACK dot in the center...

Starting with the Circle - (as based on your original description) - in relationship with the two images above..

The Circle is the most common and universal signs, found in all cultures. It is the symbol of the Sun in its limitless or boundless aspect. It has no beginning or end, and no divisions, making it the perfect symbol of completeness, eternity, and the Soul.

(I highlight the word Soul as this moves more in line with your comment :> "seen a certain symbol in my head when my eyes are closed"

The radiating 'Sunburst' between the Circle and Triangle - Rays—show the power of the Supreme Being to reach inside the Hearts of men, and it is said that Nightmares are dissolved in the heat of these rays. Some traditions relate the Rays (Sunburst) as the mane of the LION .

The upward Triangle is sometimes called the 'Blade' (the chalice and blade figure ceremonially used in many Ritual magickal operations). It is a symbol of aspiration or rising up, male force, and Fire. It is purely phallic in origin. The Triangle represents aspiration, rising force, and the male principal.
One within the other - is the Force of two - in this case the Aspiration and Male Fire.

The greater Triangle (the one on the outside) signifies your Soul (a.k.a. your Higher Self in the center that rests eternal behind your temporary bodily right / left self). It is said that your SOUL is older than the twin dualities of your physical body. You find your apex—your “Soul within”—by putting your two bodily halves in balance.

IF the center had a BLACK CIRCLE (as in your description) then it would be representative as a central  Black Scrying Mirror.

The Image that you have in your head - and the above "adapted" Talisman Amulet offered, could be considered as an adaptation of this 're-created' symbol..

:> "Hipster illustration with Sunburst (see Rays), hand, and all seeing eye symbol inside triangle pyramid. Eye of Providence. Masonic symbol. Grunge Esoteric spiritu"

Take away the Hand section - round of both the Triangle corners - Surround the outer Triangle with the Circle...remove all of the inner Triangle's design with the EXCEPTION of the BLACK Dot...and you have what you describe...

youre describing a symbol commonly used in magic to control the minds of other people. it is put into movies and such for subliminal effects. it is also connected with different beings. you see, movies, tv shows, music etc, many things like that are mediums used to cast spells that use the mind of the witness to help cast a spell without the witness even realizing whats going on. someone can influence you by flashing a symbol at you, this is one of the ways that can be used as a component to cast spells. it can also be like i said, that there is an entity within your mind. i dont know which came first, you seeing the symbol externally or internally. it can be hard to know, because many times other "parts" of your mind will notice things in your environment that you didnt. this might have happened. what Light is telling you is also a possibility.


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