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About 5 days ago, I had a dream that Patrick Swayze died. I know that it's all over the tabloids that he doesn't have very long left. I'm just wondering if seeing such a thing while in a grocery line might have triggered a subconsious thought in a dream, or if it could be a premonition that the end is coming sooner rather then later for him...

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My guess is that it was just your subconcience replaying stuff, but I could be wrong, we will have to wait to see I guess.
Hi Dream! I looked at your profile, and I like everything that you said in the "about me" section...I agree 100% with all of just makes so much sense to me! I would love to learn about Cottage Witchery. I sent you a friend request...I hope you will accept. I'm not afraid to dance in the flames! :)

Wow, that IS really weird! I never watched the show, but I'd like to see that episode! I'm a huge fan of his and I'm so sad about what he's going through!
Ive had dreams before where someone would die in my dream & then a couple of days later found out that they passed away.
I guess with your dream we will find out soon enough.
I suppose...but I think it will be really hard ti discern the difference in this case simply because he IS so close to the end. It would be different if my dream had been about someone who was perfectly healthy. But you're right...we'll see soon enough.
8 yrs ago i dreamed every nite for about a yr untill it happened, my husband dieing by a motor bike accident i told him he just laughed. It was always the same never changeing.
Ive also dreamed about houses and then moved into those houses.
You never know you may be seeing his end.


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