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Take a moment to look at this clip and remember how fragile and sensitive we humans really are.

There has been so much 'snarkiness', unpleasantness and name calling (especially with reference to which country you come from) recently on this site, I felt it would be good for us to stop and listen to this clip. Blessings to all whatever path you follow.

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I love that song! And I was thinking "here's another one of those flashcards that was mentioned yesterday." I've been thinking off and on for weeks about how I miss my Legend CD. Then I found out two days ago Ziggy Marley is coming in concert soon. Maybe I should get a ticket.
He is phenominal!! I wish I could share that with you go if you can you will not be dissapointed.
I'm going on the 17th. He's going to be here with 311. I haven't been to a concert since 2004. I'm all jazzed.
Go girl go you WILL enjoy (smiles)
You are most welcome Kyote.
Well one can hope Rune Caster but sometimes these discussions fall on deaf ears!!! Thank you for your kind comment.
Lets hope the message sinks in!! Thanks Rose.

I havent seen any,not from which country one is from anyway.I figure with 20,000 plus now,ther'es not gonna always be a happy tea party going!! Bob Marley IS happy music for sure,however. I switch off with ALBANNACH(Celtic priimitive music) to Legends(Bob Marley),to the sound track from Oklahoma. The more countries (as I travel all over), the more interesting and varied discussions we can have. I have on my Bob Maley Tank today,that I got in Jamaica in December. I totally enjoyed Jamaica!! Now this is getting along. The lady is a 90 year olde great gran,the gent a Dr. from Philly visiting family in the islands!! I just love this pic.
I love this video, I have seen it before and it is a great message. Thank you so much for sharing

Brightest Blessings :)
You are most welcome tell your friends (smiles). Blessings.
Even better with Tim Tams:)

Music IS really the best sound to add our soul to, me thinks.. Even better when we unite..
"One Love Rocks"
Thanks so much for sharing such an awesome clip..

Blessings Lara:)
I will :) Blessings :)


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