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Take a moment to look at this clip and remember how fragile and sensitive we humans really are.

There has been so much 'snarkiness', unpleasantness and name calling (especially with reference to which country you come from) recently on this site, I felt it would be good for us to stop and listen to this clip. Blessings to all whatever path you follow.

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That was pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!
Lets just hope the Message of this video gets out to the Discussion boards and people elevate the level of respect and decorum they need to have when communicating with others on these boards. BB
Edward this is precisely why I posted this thank you for your comments.
A couple hours after I posted yesterday I got in my car to go to the store and guess who was playing on the radio? Gotta love Bob! it......
He is The Man !!!!! Blessings.
Right on! When I flew across the globe, I could not see any lines from the air! let love rule!

certianly agreed I got shivers
Well Ruby sadly there are still many, even here, who seem to forget we are all one huge family thank you for your comment. Blessings.
...........They juist need a good go round ,round the balefire for a dance!! Dancin' is great for he spirit!!
You are welcome to join my fire for a dance any time Celticlass and bring your kilt I will dig mine out (huge smiles).


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