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As children we are told not to do this. As a child I felt compelled at times to talk to people I didn't know. I didn't do it because I wanted to get to know them,I usually had a message to give them. Sometimes I would actually hear words in my mind,normally I would receive images,which my brain would interpret into a message. At first this felt very strange and weird, I mean as a little boy,getting messages like that. I was never scared by this.. communication, it just seemed strange. Most of the time,this compulsion to talk to strangers happened while on a field trip. We would be at the Smithsonian, and I would go off by myself. I would walk around until I found the person I was supposed to talk to. Sometimes I would be given an image of the person, sometimes I just was drawn to them. Always the message came from a relative of my strangers. Usually the message was either encouragement,or it had to do with telling where something was. Normally a chaperone or security guard would be sent to bring me back to my group. Once this happened alot my mother was asked to be a chaperone on future field trips, I still managed to sneak off to give these messages. As I got older, the content of the messages got more detailed, more to the message. Also, I sometimes began to see where, or I should say who the message came from. As an adult, I still feel the compulsion to talk to strangers.

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I’ve always talked to strangers. My parents never told me not to talk to strangers. As children my siblings and I would wonder wherever we wished. Once while in the boy scouts and visiting the World’s Fair in Montreal Canada, Expo 67, I wandered off and got on the subway system, it was great fun. I was 12 years old then.


Even today I’m a real people person. I talk to whoever I feel like, when I am in the mood. It catches many people off guard and they wonder about my motives. But my motives are pure and simple, I like talking to people.


I have no message to give for the most part, not a conscious message per say. But maybe some things I’m inspired to say are meant to act as a catalyst on the person I’m speaking to.


You voiced your attraction to the Ancient Aztecs. The Tezcatlipoca impersonator that was sacrificed every year during the month of Toxcatl, he was a real people person. He would walk about the city and greet people whether he knew them or not.

You know, it’s weird, my mind gets a little befuddled at times. I confused deame with Lucius for some strange reason. Probably all the tequila and beer I’ve been drinking today. Deame was not the one who asked about Aztec Pagans.

Some people do think you are harassing them and they become hostile.

I don't talk to strangers, especially men;  if they find you attractive, they instantly think you want to have sex with them.

I know that's right. But in my case, sex is rather distant from my motives.

I’ve been out walking the streets for the past seven hours. I talked to a lot of strangers today.

One stranger I talked to today was rather interesting. He was fishing in a little lake for catfish. He had just got out of prison after serving five years. He told me that he didn’t trust anyone. I told him there are many good people in the world. He just smirked.


If your intent has both led you to cross paths even briefly. Then why not ., you might just find a kindred spirit .
You can even be an entirely different person when you talk to others. :))

Sometimes i play the role of a foreigner from mexico :)
Hhhmm . Sounds like a hassle. Id rather choose a path were i dont catch a wild fist in its natural habitat

I had a guy hit me up on POF a few of days ago that lives right here in my town. The typical your so beautiful, I have to meet you right now (crap) I don't give my # out or meet anyone till we have carried on an intelligent conversation and got to know each other for at least 3 weeks. Well most of them bail long before that. And that is fine with me,  its been almost a week now he is sure he can hang an chat for another 2 weeks then I may meet him out for food and a drink? I really don't trust people. However I do like making (friends). To let someone be my boyfriend not so much! I am way to Independent for that crap. I never got the hang of using people either. Just wasn't my forte. Just to say I have gave messages to random people before. Weird how that works!

Thanx for the advice Spooky ggls. The world is germy ARG!!!!

You know I gotta post a song now :)

This is why we don't talk to strangers kids!!!


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