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As children we are told not to do this. As a child I felt compelled at times to talk to people I didn't know. I didn't do it because I wanted to get to know them,I usually had a message to give them. Sometimes I would actually hear words in my mind,normally I would receive images,which my brain would interpret into a message. At first this felt very strange and weird, I mean as a little boy,getting messages like that. I was never scared by this.. communication, it just seemed strange. Most of the time,this compulsion to talk to strangers happened while on a field trip. We would be at the Smithsonian, and I would go off by myself. I would walk around until I found the person I was supposed to talk to. Sometimes I would be given an image of the person, sometimes I just was drawn to them. Always the message came from a relative of my strangers. Usually the message was either encouragement,or it had to do with telling where something was. Normally a chaperone or security guard would be sent to bring me back to my group. Once this happened alot my mother was asked to be a chaperone on future field trips, I still managed to sneak off to give these messages. As I got older, the content of the messages got more detailed, more to the message. Also, I sometimes began to see where, or I should say who the message came from. As an adult, I still feel the compulsion to talk to strangers.

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LOL! Nephele! I get the willies every time I watch that video.

All the more reason I stay to myself ;)

This reminds me of a story from when I was a kid. A couple of my friends were heroin addicts. They would go into a store and shoplift items. Then I would immediately go back in and return the items for cash. We would move from store to store until we had enough money to buy heroin for all of us. Eventually both of these guys died from heroin overdose.


I’m not into drugs now and would never dream of doing such a thing.

Well now this is an interesting conversation. Nope, I have nothin' to add, just wanted to say you folks are entertaining. Yes, I mean that in a good way......B. :-}

I talk whoever, I don't care. I don't usually pass on messages from the other side though.

As a parent i ask my children not to talk to strangers until they have asked me and told me what they want to say. My daughter has a way of seeing "sad" people and at times all she wants to tell the person it's hello and it'll be ok. My son on the other hand will tell me the person isn't happy and needs to play and have fun and that he should play with them. In some cases after i look and perceive the person's mood myself i might allow them or might not.

I've made a lot of new friends talking to strangers, and a few enemies also. Sometimes I talk too much.


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