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As children we are told not to do this. As a child I felt compelled at times to talk to people I didn't know. I didn't do it because I wanted to get to know them,I usually had a message to give them. Sometimes I would actually hear words in my mind,normally I would receive images,which my brain would interpret into a message. At first this felt very strange and weird, I mean as a little boy,getting messages like that. I was never scared by this.. communication, it just seemed strange. Most of the time,this compulsion to talk to strangers happened while on a field trip. We would be at the Smithsonian, and I would go off by myself. I would walk around until I found the person I was supposed to talk to. Sometimes I would be given an image of the person, sometimes I just was drawn to them. Always the message came from a relative of my strangers. Usually the message was either encouragement,or it had to do with telling where something was. Normally a chaperone or security guard would be sent to bring me back to my group. Once this happened alot my mother was asked to be a chaperone on future field trips, I still managed to sneak off to give these messages. As I got older, the content of the messages got more detailed, more to the message. Also, I sometimes began to see where, or I should say who the message came from. As an adult, I still feel the compulsion to talk to strangers.

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I've made a lot of new friends talking to strangers, and a few enemies also. Sometimes I talk too much.

LOL, I've been on the wrong side of a conversation more than once!

We had this saying, "Talking when I should have been listening!"


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