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Just a thought. Has anyone performed magic to tap into someone's subconscious? What are the reasons? Do you think it's possible?

I figure, I want a Pepsi but none at home. Perhaps I can get my boyfriend to "think" to bring me one! lol

Your thoughts on this subject (not necessarily on the Pepsi example).

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When I was at basic training, I managed to tap in to 2 people's subconscious, the first guy took me 3 weeks, I managed to get him to slap himself. And everytime since then, he'd slap himself at my "request". The other guy took me alost 2 months, but I eventually got him, I got him to refer to me as god, and to even pray to me. (Only managed it for about 10 minutes though).

It's closer to spychology than anything else. Trick is to be very subtle and patient.

"It's closer to psychology than anything else. Trick is to be very subtle and patient."

That's true. It is a form of hypnotism using subtle suggestion. Some persons are very easy to put into a hypnotic state.

There have been scientifically documented cases were the subject was 5 km away and still succumbed to the suggestion. Another interesting aspect is that the hypnotized person will feel the pain of the one who controls their trance if they inflict or incur bodily injury on themselves. Science can not fully explain all aspects.

This kind of thing happens naturally to people in close relationship. My partner and I often read each other’s minds sometimes in a very spooky way. Doing this with a stranger is much harder work because there are boundaries people normally maintain though most are not aware of them. People don’t consciously create their physical skin, and they are not usually conscious of their psychic skin either though it keeps them safe none the less.

The unconscious is the gate and doorway to the underworld which is the source—medium—pathway to all magic including glamour’s, pishogues and bindings. Material reality is a bubble within the underworld so going through that door is going ‘outside’ and gives you access to all reality, if you can deal with it. When you go that route distance and time are irrelevant. Then you are not limited to a 5km distance, line of sight, or range of hearing—as in remote viewing.

FYI: A glamour is when you make a tree look like giant, a pishogue is when you make someone think the tree is a giant, and a binding is when you make someone stick to the tree.

Do you ever think of someone randomly and a few minutes, hours later they contact you somehow. Even people you haven't seen or hear from in forever. It's pretty cool that we can do that. I met a guy whom I shared a connection with for a few weeks, he was a free spirit who lived far away, we didnt keep in touch due to circumstances.. I wondered what had happened to him.  And one day he appeared to me in a dream. Telling me what i needed to know in order to make peace with the situation.

Sometime you can also pickup the feelings of those around you and you can also transfer those feelings.

Like Jerome said the stronger the bond the stronger the transference. So, have you experimented with putting any ideas into your bfs mind? 

I have tapped into many peoples subconscious before I find it very relaxing almost like sleep or delta waves. I hate it when spirits or pans follow up like months or years later to critize it. They are so obnoxious. I have one following me now that constantly tells me its my relatives. Lately its been my cousin relative I haven't seen in over 10 years. So queer, I wonder what kind of coward aliens in the sky are loaning these users there equipment. Cant wait until they move off ;(


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