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If u use tarot cards, which deck do u like??? I just got a deck called Motherpeace Round tarot n I love them!!! Just curious what deck
others like :)
Have a blessed day :)

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You can go to my blog and find a series I've written on the Motherpeace Tarot.  It's an in-depth upclose look at these cards and this deck.  Here's the link, and Happy Reading! ~

I love the Marseille Tarot, I always have. The closest today of the original development of the cards in Europe during the 14th century.  

There are many decks that I like. For my personal readings, I use my first tarot deck, the Dragon Tarot. I also really like the Halloween tarot and the Vice Versa tarot. The Vice Versa tarot is different because it presents two points of view - one on each side of the card. It's like two decks in one. 

Tarot de La Santa Muerte

I also have it on T Shirt, it's always an eye catcher, ha ha....

Queen of swords, the priestess and the Moon and I'm particularly fond of this card :)


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