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My name is Amy Kohn and I am a television producer developing a new series about dream analysis. We are looking for people with interesting, vivid, recurring dreams for the series. See details below.  


Amy Kohn


Do you have recurring dream? Do you often wonder what it means? If you have a recurring dream that is vivid, emotional, or perhaps even confusing and would like help understanding what it means, then we want to talk to you. Emmy Award winning television producer developing a new series about the analysis of dreams.  Contact us at 212-687-7716 or at Please include your name, age, where you live, a description of the dream and how we can contact you. The more you can tell us the better!

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I do have a recurring dream that I've never been able to fathom even after having it for the past 20 years; but I'm not a trusting sort when it comes to the media and am also skeptical about whether this is even for real.
I am in a research phase of the project - trying to see examples of potential dreams so that we can imagine exactly how we would film an episode of the show. If you feel comfortable calling then we could discuss further discuss - 212-687-7716. We are in the early stages of the project and there is no obligation to sign up to be a part of it.
What is "Dreamviews"?
Thanks. I really appreciate it!
Thank you for the interesting oppertunity but I will pass. I have no faith in the media. As Ananta has stated that many have been burned in some way. I can only speak for myself in this but people on these type of shows are not taken seriously and being a pagan or other religion that is non-Christian we already face a problem.
i would be willing to discuss my recurring dream with you in detail via email,but can i take u seriously? we will have to see,buzz me.

You can check my credits on All emails will be treated confidentially. There is no obligation to participate in the project. We are in a research phase.

if you do make a series. please don't restrict viewing to the states. us canadians love to be able to view the shows as well.

Well I for one am very interested! :)

I called  I like to know beucase i have always  been a very vived dreamer...


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