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Fall will be here shortly, with Mabon and Samhain just around the corner and the new crop of witch-y shows are starting up.

With shades of Riverdale and American Horror Story is "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".  Yes, the teenage witch.  In this case, a Satan worshipping one.

On Netflix at the end of October.  Sorry, I don't know how to post the trailer: 

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Yes,they are basing this off the horror comic that has come out.

I read about the comic, but didn't know if it was a chicken or egg scenario.

I'm glad it's on Netflix so I can watch it.

I find good Satanic movies to be somewhat hard to come by, in all the years I have spent collecting them. It's a fine line between a good movie, and slipshod low budgetry.

But I don't have Netflix, or  a working TV connection, (by personal preference) so I'll have to look out for a copy of this on Amazon, assuming it is not a comedy!


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