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I just saw a grey cat with black stripes walking toward me out of the corner of my eye. Looked straight at it nothing was there.

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Who do you know with a cat like that, or who used to have a cat like that?

The last two times I had a cat come to me it was that kind of cat one came to me when I frst moved to Salem the second came to me when I was living with Haley I brought that one here to Mom's house after Haley kicked me out in 2012.

Miss Betty(Haleys Stepmom) has kittens she has been asking me occassionaly if I want one but otherwise no one I know of has any.

This is the second or third time I have seen this same kind of cat when nothing was there in the last couple months.

first time I was going out to smoke and I felt the cat outside before I opened the door to go out.  when I opeed the door through the outer glass door I saw the same kind of cat on the top step sitting up looking at me then nothing was there.

The second time I was on the porch smoking and saw the same kind of cat walking toward me  all 3 times it was a lean young grey cat with black stripes like the maine coon breed I know a girl with a long haired older and fatter grey kitty but hers does not have black stripes

The reason I asked that was because I suspected that the "ghost cat" you are seeing is the spirit of a cat which used to live there. Now that the atmosphere in you house is more settled you are more "open" to seeing it. Try calling it by the name of the cat you had there and see if it responds.

 we have a ghost cat that we call Franklin


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