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Yes, I know I'm a terrible person since the Darwin awards make me giggle. However, this incident has two points of interest. One is that no amount of security can keep a person willing to give up their life from breaking through. The other is still a little up in the air, as we don't yet know the detailed motivation behind Mr. Mitchell act of literal self-sacrifice. He wasn't drunk, but we're still waiting for the tox' screen test.

However, I am wondering, what is the relationship between a symbolic human sacrifice, and a real human sacrifice? Can one engender (summon) the other?

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I wonder how many human sacrifice practices are voluntary until there comes a point when no Waponi will jump into the Woo. (see Joe vs. the Volcano) Then they start pushing them in.

One with an imbalanced mindframe , may misinterpret

vibrations of "sacrificing self to self" , and the meaning

of the phoenix born from the inner light released when

one breaks through the polarity beyond life and death ,

space and time , and achieves illumination in a moment

of frenzied ecstacy...

What is sad , beyond the actual event , is the repercussions

and legal fallout , let alone governmental interference in any

future Burning events...

Then there will be the Christian element , saying the event

was / is satanically influenced , and the devil made him do it...

I send my best to the Burners , his "family" , and the larger community...

It would be truly sad to lose such a alternative space - time celebration ,

dedicated to the letting go of the old , and the bringing forth of the new...;)

Just for the record, I don't think that Burning Man Festival holds any real responsibility for this. They had good security, but no amount of security would have stop it from happening. Just as it could not have stopped a terrorist attack. I certainly hope this doesn't cause any curtailing of the Festival itself.

Just for the record , I never thought that , Medb...

And as I said above , I hope it does not cause legal fallout ,

and government interference , which could curtail , or limit

the event and the experience for burner participants...

If he wanted to burn, I say let him.

Drugs don’t make someone run into a fire, and burning is not a usual pattern for depressive suicide. However, ecstatics have regularly set themselves on fire as a sign of protest or devotion. You may not approve, but this looks like a religious (personal not organized) act of devotion.

Hmm, very like the legend of the Phoenix.

Yep...just like I stated earlier...

"One with an imbalanced mindframe , may misinterpret

vibrations of "sacrificing self to self" , and the meaning

of the phoenix born from the inner light released when

one breaks through the polarity beyond life and death ,

space and time , and achieves illumination in a moment

of frenzied ecstacy..."

When one in an imbalanced mindframe , and this brings

in your statement "drugs do not make someone jump

into a fire" , may ingest certain substances , or be up

for days , with little or no sleep , with all the input into

the psyche , such as occurs at Burning Man , visual ,

aural , tactile , one may lose the survival instinct , and

dependent on other extenuating circumstances present

in their life , see immolation , as a way out , into a better world...

Rebirth is the path of the Phoenix , normally chosen with a clear

and conscious mind...yet , in this case it might have been mental

imbalance and altered state which led to the act...;)

Ah, but you're assuming his mind was unbalanced. What if he knew exactly what he was doing? What if instead of a way out he was looking for a way in?

These violent delights have violent ends. 

Shakespeare was talking about sex, and union with a god is sex after all. Though, people with sex on the brain often don't think straight.

Incorrect...many times you do not read what is really there , Mebd...

I never *assumed* in any of my statements , he *was* imbalanced...

And have you ever been to a festival the size and duration of Burning Man ?

Ever been to a three day and night long rave ?

Ever been to one of the original week plus long Rainbow Gatherings ?

Yeah...that can cause some imbalance in one unprepared , or on the edge...

Yet here...we do not yet know...;)

I used the word *might*...( might have been )

I never denied the other possibility , that is your assumption...

It's a fair cop; you did say "might". Then, we might get a suicide note. If not, then it might be imbalance, or it might be desire. Pain and Pleasure, Torment and Ecstasy are identical twins that sometimes change places unexpectedly. Whose to say when the flames consumed him which twin he was with.

I have been at gatherings where we didn't sleep for three days and nights straight, though raves are after my time. I also do trance work, self-hypnosis, and vision magic, so I'm aware of how the world can look with a different frame of mind. The Burning Man festival is geared toward an ecstatic experience, and there's nothing more ecstatic than union with a god. Of course, it's only a conjecture.

Fair answer...

Okay , so let's look at your position here...

And I am not disagreeing with you just to disagree...

I am challenging and wondering...

For you , there is nothing more ecstatic than union

with a god , even if just conjecture...

For me , that is extremely limiting , as each god , or

goddessform is keyed to certain attributes , or boundary

limits , and has it's own center of gravity , and event horizon...

( the closer you get through devotion and worship , the more

you are drawn toward union at the center of the universe of

their creation )

Yet that , *to me* is not the greatest ecstacy...

It would be union with whatever self referring program

wrote the code all gods and goddesses came from , one

which was ever expanding , morphing , and constant only

in it's change...

Gods and goddesses are but subset agents , creating subsystem

universes , within a much larger program , without the limits they

set , or are set upon them...;)

Thoughts ?


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