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Yes, I know I'm a terrible person since the Darwin awards make me giggle. However, this incident has two points of interest. One is that no amount of security can keep a person willing to give up their life from breaking through. The other is still a little up in the air, as we don't yet know the detailed motivation behind Mr. Mitchell act of literal self-sacrifice. He wasn't drunk, but we're still waiting for the tox' screen test.

However, I am wondering, what is the relationship between a symbolic human sacrifice, and a real human sacrifice? Can one engender (summon) the other?

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We don't live in ancient times. Put your apples and oranges back on the cart.

You tipped the cart over by not specifying a timeline to your statement...

And I thought you were so good about de - tails...

Gotta pay attention to de - tails...

There is not significant biological differences between 21st century humans and "ancient times" humans. The only difference is in our heads, and that only tenuously so.

Tenuously so...hmmm ?

So , the brain did not develop and change over time ?

( non - tenuously ? )

And I disagree...they just found 300,000 year old Homo Sapiens

that in the article stated they were definitely homo sapiens , yet

different from us physically...

Maybe you can define *your* idea of tenuous ?

Thanks , Medb !

If our biological wiring, is so identical, why haven't more people just walked into the fire? It wouldn't be our understanding of practically everything has changed? You want to romanticize what this mentally ill man did, knock yourself out, but, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon.


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