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Lets talk about the darker side of us. We all have it right. Could anyone tell me if this is normal in magic. I am a very raw soul. Raw as hungry and vounerable. On my magical path I came across my dark side it is there and it is breathtaking. Very powerful and it happened to me that subconciously I have used it. The results I cant compare to any ritual i have ever performed using positive energy. I have never done any 'black magick' . I dont know if im making any sense to you my friends. Is it the devil teasing me or am i evil?

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Do you believe in the devil or evilness? If you do then they could apply to you at some time, but if you don't believe in them, or look at them differently than then conventional definitions of them, then........I would say you don't have to worry about those two.

There needs to be balance in life, in all things. Using one's darker side to do things will usually help with more positive results when one uses their lighter side. Any magick that one feels passionately about will be good and strong because one usually puts more into it. We, as humans, usually let anger, frustrations, etc, build up more, so when we release them there is usually more strength in what you do when in that state.
Well said.
In my opinion, we create what we believe in.
To backtrack for a moment, we all have a dark side and a lighter side. Dark does not necessarily mean evil. As Pagans most of us call upon whichever pantheon of Goddesses and Gods we choose. They exist because of our belief in them. The devil is largely a Christian concept, at least the way most of us see him. If you believe and acknowledge his existence he does indeed exist. However, do we believe in the Christian concept of his evilness? It is an individual choice.
I think there is a dark side to almost everything. LOL, you would not have wanted to me know when I was younger before I understood things. I am shocked even now at my fairy bad antics. BB&MM LR
What makes one's "dark side" such is that society has deemed it uncouth/unacceptable. That doesn't mean it's evil. And yes, it's powerful. Not because it's "dark" but because it's part of you and acknowledging it is a step toward being a whole being comfortable with yourself and your power.
One must know their demons to trancend them.......
My path requires I connect to what I call the shadow self. You must know all of yourself. I find this vital to growth for me.
Thank you for or your replies all of them are interesting. I was thinking of when we are born are we actually balanced or could we carry some energy with us from our past life. We coul have normal life and when we start tapping into magic and occult stuff we could open some doors or release some energies that were locked away.
absolutely. It depends on your view of life and reincarnation but it is absolutely possible to carry with you deeper things from past lives. Connecting to all of your energy is important in understanding yourself, which is where real power comes from.
It could be your inner power,,,,Power is a very big thing once you first learn it.It really changes the way you feel...Mabye it was somthing new and because sometimes when we have been cut off from somthing our whole life or never fully experienced,it doesnt mean its wrong....Unless we use it that way....We all have that power alot never find it...And if you found that feeling my friend we all have instincts and the ability to know what is right and wrong if you always keep that in mind and Never,
use that power as evil then you wont be...In fact it can be used either way...In alot of beautiful ways...get to know it (Your power) before you try anything and instinctivly you will know what you were meant to do with it...Dont get lost in it and appriciate it when you have it because it can always be taken away.
One more thing....You said "Is this the devil teasing me or am I evil?"
it didnt really sound like you gave yourself a chance to know if it was anything else
that feeling or power you felt didnt have to be just that,Unless you felt it was just that...
Can I ask you somthing?
What made you feel like it was the devil?And what makes you think you where evil at that momentum?
Just curious if you dont mind me asking...
And I just realized something devil spelled backwards is Lived and evil backwards is live....Huh?
Great now I have more questions...:) Lol
Hi Moe,
I will try to answer you I only used the word devil/evil coz I am used to using it from early childhood in connection with negative things, actions... I am honestly confused when it comes to all that kind of stuff. I read your post about the demons and that's another area im am not sure about. Whatever it is, there is good and bad things out there. Maybe its better to call it energies. What I was trying to explain is that I am extremly sensitive being I pick up on energies a lot more than most people would. It would cause more chaos than good in my life and magic helps me balance it a bit. When it comes to the 'evil' effecting me there are cases where I just briefly thought of something bad happen to someone who pissed me of and it happened. Im talking minor stuff no deaths or serious things. All this happened in my subconscious mind, that is where i got the idea of the 'devil' trying to tease me and tell me if I was doing negative magic it would be much more powerful? Have u ever experienced something like that?


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