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Lets talk about the darker side of us. We all have it right. Could anyone tell me if this is normal in magic. I am a very raw soul. Raw as hungry and vounerable. On my magical path I came across my dark side it is there and it is breathtaking. Very powerful and it happened to me that subconciously I have used it. The results I cant compare to any ritual i have ever performed using positive energy. I have never done any 'black magick' . I dont know if im making any sense to you my friends. Is it the devil teasing me or am i evil?

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You have put his very well there has to be dark for their to be light we learn from both and use both in different ways!
There's a light side?

If you call yourself a witch and you have never cursed someone in your entire life --forget it, I don't think its possible. A human being without a dark side is about as believable as immaculate conception.

~*Spoon*~ true spoon :) and well put!!
I have never cursed anyone but I wasnt far from it.
Were you raised Mormon? Like only saying "gosh" and so forth? Have you never in your life said, "Damn you," or "Damn it"? How about, "Fuck you"? Cursing... its not just for witchyfolk, goddamn it. And nobody loses sleep over it.

Well said Animal. You have to have dark to balance light. It's in all of us.
Of course I heared of Yin/Yang and the whole balance of the universe thing. But where do all the 'evil' people come from. Murderers, all kinds of beasts who rape children and kill anymals for pleasure are they ill? Or are they just imbalanced?
Thank u animal, could u tell me what technique you are using to balance yourself. I am one of the poeople who find it very hard to meditate. I do manage sometimes and it is great feeling after I would love to be able to meditate more often there is no hope to do it every day. :o( I read in one book about the elements and the role of them in our bodies. I kind of like that method for balancing the elements the water that represents our emotions, air for thoughts, fire for our passions and earth for our physical body. I try to visualise a scenary where all these elements are in balance. xxx
Thank you animal, love it xxx.
Though some find it a really dry read, you may want to take a look at a book called Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guide Book. By Ram Dass. ISBN 0-553-14782-X for help on meditation. And perhaps Modern Man in Search of a Soul by C. G. Jung ISBN 0-15-661206-2 for a little more on the psychology of man as it pertains to Religion and other aspects.
Some ARE imbalanced, suffering from various mental illnesses. But others are people who have made a choice to hurt others.


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