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Before the debate: 41% FOR 25% AGAINST 34% UNDECIDED After the debate: 36% FOR 55% AGAINST 9% UNDECIDED

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Well, THANK YOU for acknowledging that there are different sects of Islam.  The vast majority of Muslims in NYC are Sunni.

This thing is still going on, eh?"

Well, I really  hate  to be the skunk at the garden party, ha ha ha ha, but the thread does not deal with charts, graphs, percentages, sects, friends, neighbors, market vendors, demographics, territories, or anything like that. It deals with the philosophy itself, whether it can be deemed a “peaceful religion”. First of all, Izlam is NOT a religion.

This has nothing to do with people who practice it, because they did not invent it. It has nothing to do with people who simply demagogue the concept of religion. They simply practice what they are told, or taught to practice. That could involve peer and cultural influence peddling and/or brainwash, and whether it incites the faithful into violence or peace. Obviously, it does BOTH depending on who you are dealing with. Whether this pisses off Muzlims who don’t like hearing it, or Muzlim sympathizers who are politically motivated, is beside the point as well.

If Satanism cannot be considered a religion by most of it’s followers, then what makes Islam any different? Islam has some Satanism in it’s medieval lineage, as in the Yezidi culture, depending on how you look at it. In fact, as Anton LaVey suggested in the Satanic Rituals, the Yezidi beliefs are rooted in what some would consider Devil worship in the Yezidi culture as the origins of modern Satanism, which quite frankly, was considered to be an ancient religion by the Yezidis themselves. Some people consider Satanism to be their religion , but the vast majority of them do not. So, it is what you believe it is.

When a religion becomes tainted by social and political, or economic  movements, or a system of social law, as in Sharia Law, then it diminishes it’s capacity to be called a religion, whether it’s blindfolded followers accept that idea or not. Whether it is influenced by traditional Izlam, or not. In this case, it is, but is still a punitive set of laws in Muzlim countries designed to keep it’s faithful in some type of draconian bondage.

In fact, Izlam is not even a philosophy, special thanks to the Wahhabis, the Muzlim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc. According to the Muzlim brotherhood, it is a social, political, AND a religious movement, that historically has been predicated on nothing but imperialism, violence, genocide, territorial disputes, feuds over oil reserves and who controls them, institutionalized crimes against humanity, and generally terroristic tactics against those who do not fit the paradigm. Hitler had the same ambitions, so it is as much a philosophy as National Socialism is a religion.

(infidels) Sharia Law, has the same effect, is taken most literally by the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, and is the epicenter and spiritual “Mecca” for all of Izlam worldwide, not just certain factions or territories of it. It’s hatred and nihilistic attitude toward the Jewish race, and open refusal to share territory with Israel, is also a suspiciously obvious factor in whether Izlam can be considered “peaceful”


First of all, Izlam is NOT a religion.


Dave, Islam is a monotheist, Abrahamic religion.


Here are some more facts that may have caused you some confusion:


  • When Black people take black and white photos, they do not come out black.


  • Not all Jewish people "look Jewish."


  • Asian girls don't have "sideways vaginas."


  • Mexicans don't eat flower tortillas.


  • Puerto Ricans don't speak "Mexican."


  • Catholics don't worship the Pope.


Hope that helped to clear up a few things for you.

Satanism is considered a philosophy and not a religion by some because particular Satanists are atheists. There are no Muslims who are atheists. 

"Dave, Islam is a monotheist, Abrahamic religion."

You spelled it wrong. It's Izlam.....And no, it's not a religion, as I just explained.

As-salamu alaykum!


I would classify as a progressive and I'm sure I know more about geo-politics and history than does your reactionary arse.

Christians committed genocide far more recently than 1000 years ago. Does Wounded Knee ring a bell? Or how about the nearly 250,000 Mayans tortured and killed with funding from the Reagan Administration to the Guatemalan govt. under the rulership of the fundamentalist Christian Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt? 1980's... 30 years ago.

And then there are the millions of Christians who voted for an overtly racist Orange Hitler in November... and would their support wane if he started up some massive killing? Nope... as long as the victims aren't white.

I really think Islam needs reformation and I also want to change my vote and say it's not a religion of peace.

Islam a religion? well, it does have unique characteristics which make it more of a political philosophy...

Islam entails political control. It is a social system. It enforces, in its stringent forms, shari'a on everyone. In a Moslem-controlled society, you do NOT have freedom of religion.

Islam is best described (like Nicaean Christianity) as a imperialist cult of social control. Islam itself motivates conquests, enforces its own hegemony, and eliminates any competition.

Even in moderate times and places, under Islam women have an uphill battle just to be considered human. Purdah... smh.

It is very true that Christianity was once like this. But Christianity has evolved. Islam has not. Islam stifles creativity, intellect, culture, freedom. Good examples: check out how many Moslems have won Nobel Prizes in science. Now count the number of Jews...

Well folks debating this all is just fine ....  however there are the events in the real world.

To quote Patrick Henry famous speech ,,"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace! But there is no peace."

Best of Luck to you All!!

Humans are dangerous animals. The religion is irrelevant when measuring the capacity for violence.


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