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Before the debate: 41% FOR 25% AGAINST 34% UNDECIDED After the debate: 36% FOR 55% AGAINST 9% UNDECIDED

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I embrace Evil.  Question is, why is Evil... well, Evil?

Depending on who you ask, you could get a zillion different answers.

The problem is that the term "Evil" is an ill defined term. One persons devil is another persons savior. What exactly do you mean by Evil?

This bit of Rhetoric

Was mailed out to many households.  A few years back I also received a booklet and a DVD that dissemination similar information. This one is sent by, the other I received was from Wake Up America.

The Religion of Peace

Islam is the religion of peace. Peace cannot exist without goodwill and toleration.
How is it, then, that the world has come to identify the message of the great
Arabian Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with bigotry, persecution and intolerance?

This is no place to discuss the relative virtues of monotheism and polytheis m and their good or sinister influence
upon the whole character, nay, the very life of individuals a
nd nations. But people forget that the into lerance of a doctrine is not the intolerance of its followers.

Islam does condemn in the strongest term s the beliefs and the practices of the polytheists and the idol worshippers, but it nowhere permits a Muslim to deal arrogantly or unjustly with them.

Her is an example of unjust authority:

Her entertainment career was thought to be immoral, especially particular scenes she did in films and a nude modeling session which the people of Pakistan found offensive.  She is chastised publicly but also sentenced to 26 years in jail.  She fled to Dubai and recently returned (after 3 years) now married and modest.  She made public apologies for her past errors. 

Still, it doesn't justify the people of Pakistan, nor clerics or the law treating her arrogantly and with intolerance.  She makes some very valid points during her responses but it seems social pressures broke her down.  In addition, she also faced the very real repercussions of having to serve time for her offenses.  To my knowledge, Pakistan is not perusing her incarceration, even though she was technically sentenced.

See also: A walk towards Sharia Law, The Window Dressing of Law in Pakistan , How Islam affects the Law in Pakistan,

Thanks for finding that.  She's a firecracker.  lol  Good for her! 

She's saying pretty much what a lot of people of various religions are saying to their religious leaders:  "Clean up your own house before you judge me!"

The "religion of peace" blew up Starbucks and shot the survivors in Indonesia today.   It goes on and on. 

Billions of Muslims didn't so much as fart today.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.


For some reason I thought I was going to read a story about Muslims behaving.


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