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    The Druids and the Celts.... have they attempted genocide against peaceful Witches?

                                                You Bet!

    Just as determined as the Catholics did for three hundred years! We know the truth.

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History tends to repeat itself. Have you ever noticed the obvious patterns? No. I would not enjoy the wholesale exclusion of those two societies/groups from ps. But they are not pagan witches, are they? They are different.  They need to be aware of their own histories concerning witches. Do you think there are enemies of pagan witches? Who could they be? Muslums perhaps? Catholics?

The ancient Leftist/Liberal = Socialist/Communist attack on Chuck personally because you need to supress freedom of speech at all costs. Kill the messenger who brings truth.

Who made you a 'messenger' Thanks for this lighthearted stupidity, enjoy your ignorance and arrogance lol

Time for your meds, Chuck.

LOL... I should point out that you're spilling your version of your truth all over this posting, which makes your claims of "suppression" completely lame but I'm beginning to believe you're either nothing more than a troll who likes to stir things up or you just like to drop these odd non-informative bombs onto to forums in hopes someone is gullible enough to just lap up your claims as truth, and follow you around like a puppy; none of which appears to be working out very well since most of us like to utilize our brain to think and ask questions.

But I'll give you 5 stars for being dramatic :)

The Druids and the Celts.....have cornered the market on borax?

                                       You Bet!

Just as determined as Goldman Sachs, glen Beck; and the Illuminatis did for three hundred years! We know the truth.

Ritalin is the drug of choice for america's youth!

Ritalin is available world wide....

Wow, how ignorant to call ppl uneducated when you yourself have no education to provide on the subject.. Think thats a disease called diarrhea of the mouth.

Try dieting.

Between this utter nonsense and the poem he placed up last month as his own and then it appears to have been edited to say it was written by someone else after a member called out that it was mostly written by another and then I additionally noticed a complete paragraph part which was quotes from Stephen King as well and stated such. 

All in all, I think I've pretty much had it with this ridiculousness.

Bye Chuck!



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