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Recently I attended a meeting of witches that was held to discuss weather magic. Several days before the meeting I began to think carefully about the ethics involved in casting spells to change the weather. I talked with my sister about it and she told me about a scene in a movie in which a very young Arthur was walking in a heavy rain with Merlin. Arthur cried out, "Can't you make it stop raining?" and Merlin replied, "It's more complicated than that!" Merlin was right, for as scientists tell us, a single action anywhere on the planet can have unforeseen consequences elsewhere. Of course, we cannot allow this principle to paralyze us completely and make us completely inactive. I knew that the group members would want to talk about creating rain, for we have suffered from a drought of several years duration in Southern California. Here is what I thought and here is what I told the group:

The problem that humanity is now facing---climate change and global warming, with subsequent drought in many places, unusual storms in other places, intolerably hot weather in some cities, and species loss---is fundamentally caused by the human ego and the rational mind and its attempt to control nature and use nature for human convenience and welfare, without any consideration for nature in its wholeness, a living being containing within itself countless living beings. The control of nature began in the neolithic age with the invention of agriculture, but has become dangerous to life itself now that mankind possesses an advanced technology and numbers more than 7 billion people. I felt uncomfortable using another kind of technology (the power of the mind or witchcraft) to control the forces of nature for the same purpose, human convenience, in this case to end a drought. Although I did not want to "cast a spell" for this reason, the morning before the meeting I inadvertently found myself performing magic. Despite my tendency to disapprove of technology I have an interest in computers, and I often listen (with earphones) to a YouTube meditation involving Solfeggio tones and binaural beats for the induction of alpha and theta brain wave states. I like to do this in the morning. A happy scene of dolphins leaping in the ocean on a sunny day accompanied this meditation. Despite this, the soundtrack had a slightly melancholy sound and some of the sounds suggested raindrops. On an impulse I opened another tab and found a picture of rain on Google images. As I looked at the picture I began to remember what a rainy day was like (it has been a long time). The sound of the meditation led me into this experience. Rain feels rather sad. The low atmospheric pressure causes a slight depression, and this is accentuated by the dreariness of the sunless sky and the chill of the falling drops. Most people stay indoors during the rain, and the sense of being "trapped" inside the house forces them to become introverted. One might watch a movie, work on the computer, or, in order to create a cheery feeling, bake cookies; but it seems inevitable that we find ourselves sitting by a window in a quiet room, staring out the window at the endless monotony of rain. Maybe the mental resistance of the extroverted California citizen to this introversion has contributed to the drought. As the meditation finished (I listened to it for about 30 minutes) I realized that I had performed magic, but instead of trying to control nature I had surrendered to nature. I was completely submissive and I allowed rain to dominate me. I felt that I might have affected the climate, but I did not do so with my rational mind, and my "action" would not be dangerous. This is the YouTube meditation that I used:

I looked at the picture below, but any picture of rain will do. This picture was taken in a neighborhood like many in Southern California. Be sure to click on the picture to create a complete experience.

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"Arthur was walking in a heavy rain with Merlin. Arthur cried out, "Can't you make it stop raining?" and Merlin replied, "It's more complicated than that!"

Ha ha ha, I got that movie. And yes, Arthur was right. It IS more complicated than that. Far more complicated.

Sight unseen, this has been going on for untold thousands of years, this “magical meddling” with weather, and I agree that it is a very interesting point of discussion.  It is an ancient art form, that could have been used either way, to create chaos, or to enhance sustainability.

I am not one to dwell on the technology aspects of this, it's like man made global warming itself, which is, to say the least "debatably all relative", in consideration of perennially volatile weather patterns and conditions that have existed since the very formation of the planet. It’s like  comparing astro biology, to chemistry to alchemy.

Quite  frankly, WE have never been around long enough to judge the pros and cons of it, and we never will be, considering the many factors of physics, geology, and astronomy that will determine the out come of the survival of the human race on this planet, notwithstanding weather.

Merlin’s point was, if I am interpreting it correctly, that this is not a yes /no question, any more than ethics is a black and white issue. It literally could, or should be considered on a case by case basis. However, if you have the power to create chaos, you have the power to undo it. If you cannot undo it, you never had the power to begin with.

My family and I generally limit ourselves to tweaking the weather for special occasions.  As a rule I NEVER mess with the weather during hurricane season 'cuz it's too wild and unpredictable, although not everyone in the family agrees with that view.  I'd just really hate to guilt trip over someone's house nearby getting flooded or hit by a tornado when I was working with the weather.

Ethical, or not, it happens. Sometimes inadvertently.

In 2011, Texas endured the worse single year drought in its history. The Jet Stream had shifted North and all the rain making weather systems stayed North of the state. Coincidentally, or not, there was a huge statue of Anubis in Houston facing North. You know how dryness helps mummify human remains, and Anubis being a god associated with death and mummification turned Texas into a smaller version of the Egyptian desert. The statue of Anubis was erected outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston to commemorate the exhibit dedicated to King Tutankhamun. Here is a picture of the statue being put in place:

I am very skeptical those who say they can alter the weather that is like believing in unicorns that poo rainbow sherbert ice cream is a link about rain making rituals all over the world   I'm not saying it's not possible in certain people but there have been to many so called rain makers that claim they can LOL...The weather sometimes will do what it wants but if you do rain making and off set the balance the weather of the universe there is always possible adverse consequences from this ..playing with the weather is not a child's game in my opinion...

Mucking with the weather for shits and giggles isn't the best idea imo. Like you mentioned, with the current disastrous issues we're facing due to climate change, we should instead focus that magic toward helping the climate change stabilize.

The only time I'd really waver on that is, for example, when California was experiencing that awful drought and Nestle continued to bottle up water for $$$ despite the issues it was causing to the environment.

This is an interesting topic, and something I've actually been pondering lately. My personal belief is that there are sub humans unnaturally manipulating the weather in an unhealthy way, and that if we possess the powers to counter act that, we should be. As long as our intentions are to normalize & stabilize the patterns of our Mother Earth.


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