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So, for the last two days I have been at Convocation. Its a convention in Michigan for all the surrounding people. Today one of the classes that i attended was on trance working and allowing yourself to be possessed by spirits. At one point in the discussion I mentioned an experience I had with Cernunnos while in a ritual (I wasn't sure if it counted as possession, so i mentioned what happened). At the end of the class a woman stopped me asked me if i worked with Cernunnos often. I told her that I was just starting to build a relationship with him. She said that she was thinking of working with him. Then we got into a discussion about the Goddess. I told her i had no idea who my Goddess was. That I had simply seen the God and Goddess in a sort of vision and that I had only recently learned that the God i saw was called Cernunnos. She mentioned a Goddess called Danu. That she was a Irish Goddess whose roots could also be traced to India. And that in the legend she had read that Danu gave birth to the world and also to Cernunnos. At first he was her child and then her lover and consort.


So, after looking at a painting in the art work section (Which near had me on the floor sobbing it was so beautiful. I wish I could show you) I realized that the person who painted it saw the God and Goddess exactly as I had seen them. That it wasn't just some weird dream I had. I wasn't adding emphasis to nothing. So, if I saw them. And the artist saw them. They were real. Cernunnos was truly there looking at me.


So then, who was this Danu and was she the Goddess I had/have been seeing?


So of course I slipped my little E-Butt on line and have been reading about her. I have found information on the Tuatha da' Dannon. A name i have seen quit a few of you mention associating with. I found that Danu is a Goddess of wisdom, rivers, treasure, and a true Mother arch type that can be seen in a triple form by some. That the Tuatha da' Dannon are her people.


But i found no mention of her birthing Cernunnos or anything about her history. In two sites i looked at were of the opinion that there was nothing truly known about Danu and that the pairing with Cernunnos was shotty at best!


So, PaganSpacers. This little wisdom seeker is turning to you once more.


Who out their works with these Gods. Together? Separate. Who the hell are they and what do YOU know about them (Any good reliable links/books you wanna share?!)



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A misty history indeed.

I read that the name of the Goddess Danu is the root of many river names in Europe: Danube, Dniester, Don, Dnieper, etc.

Danu was claimed to be the female part of the earth-sky duality of the Aryans, in which Bile is the male/sky counterpart.

Doubtless there was syncretism between indigenous European, Neolithic, and then Aryan beliefs which. occurred long before Danu or Bile were known to history.

Before the Internet, knowledge of this kind came from the gods themselves, and from what some people call the Akashic record. As the Christians would say “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. You’re doing trance work. This is the source of all the information you could possibly find online or in a book. Work in trance, and ask Danu to reveal herself to you. You’ll be surprised at how informative spirit contact can be. After all, before your vision you didn’t even know she existed.

Informative and helpful.

We find that things are presented to us, we consider by the Goddess, and when we say a name, it is Danu which appears.

Life, water, fertility, earth. We're a part of that. To the extent we realize that inclusive vision of ourself on this planet, we are in touch with the consciousness of Danu.

From the Emerald Tablet:

"Its father is the Sun and its mother the Moon."

So we have this mythos of the God of nature and the Goddess of nature getting it on (usually on Samhain) the God dissolves into the fall leaves and the Mother Goddess goes to sleep for the winter. She is pregnant with the God who becomes her child in the Spring when he is born, grows to manhood and goes forth to bring life once again.  He returns at Harvest to his lover the Goddess... and round and round she goes!

The names change, but the circle ever turns.


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