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I don't exactly "worship" any deities, but rather see them as friends and guides and sometimes warnings of what to come. There is many resources I could find about just about any Norse deity in terms of worshipping them and what they do and do not like.

But one in particular I have a hard time finding out much besides what she rules over is Hel. I have this enormous pull towards her but I don't exactly know really how to connect with her. I never once truly saw Hel as this evil figure some people may swear over, rather a kind and helping woman not really driven by taking over the universe and hatred.

So, what I'm asking is does anyone know or have heard of any rituals for her as well as what kinds of things I should avoid doing in order to invoke her and to build on this pull that I have with her. I would love to have an great relationship with Hel, I'm just new to my path and magics.

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By all means, if it is no trouble. I think a lot of people here would enjoy that as well. 

Alright, I found it. This was in a dream where I had a 'meeting' with her and another unknown goddess. We were discussing WWII. I used different terms in my journal for the same concepts. I will mark it here with the Nordic version.

"Hel reminisced about the soldiers that were wounded and missing limbs. She seemed to remember fondly that these people were wounded, like she liked this. The soldiers in her memory were in desert camo and looked more modern. In some ways, her ideas of the horrors of war reminded me of a [Jotun's] love for bad situations. 

But something was different about Hel. She was also extremely unlike them (Jotun). She was not enthusiastic about it, though she loved that facet. She was calm the entire time about it, which come to think of it gives an air of creepiness to her demeanor....

She seems to love death. However, she knows to control herself. Her unusual calmness will always stick with me. Not once did she ever lose her cool over how the world changed. Nor did she become a giddy schoolgirl over soldiers' wounds, destruction, which she so loved. Most gods and [Jotun] I've met do not act this way about things they love."

Hope this helps, I think it reflects her hybrid nature. :)

I think that's a pretty lovely image of Hel. So many imaginings of her are malevolent, but I like the image of her nonchalant on the battlefield, "yeah, these are my peeps." haha

I, too, have a fondness and affinity for Hel. Though it has nothing to do with ritual, you should check out "The Almighty Johnsons" on Netflix. If you haven't already seen it, I'm sure you will enjoy it for related reasons.

A few years ago, a Norse Goddess came to me from nowhere, which changed my she came to me, instead of me searching for them which i have also done..

I saw her clearly as day in all her strength and power. I was being told her name and I knew it was H...sth.. I searched and searched and i read all about Hel in all the Norse material I had and  I could find..but still it didn't feel right..

Finally I came across Hulda! and i knew instantly that that was the Goddess that had come to guide me.

I am just mentioning this in passing, as I know you are asking about Hel..

but sth made me mention it.... 

i will research Hel again also! I remember she had a black and white face and not much warmth to  her..!


Fascinating! I had a similar experience not long ago involving a deity coming upon me out of nowhere. In my case, the Egyptian God Set.

Ah that is interesting!I used to find the figures of the Egyptian pantheon quite easy to connect to -  Thoth was very clear to me at one time with a green light around him.. Which other Gods came to you i wonder...

It was having Set come to me like that which turned me from die-hard skeptic to true believer, and that was a little over two months ago. Since then I've studied hard daily, trying to get my bearings in this strange and fascinating world of magick. Which finally I feel like I'm starting to do. I've tried to keep things mostly to one entity and improve my connection and relationship with Set. Through that though, others have come up though, referenced by Set. The ones you'd expect, Osiris and Nephthys and Anubis and Horus and aspects of Horus. Others too, Ma'at, Heka, Shesmu, Nuit and the Thelemic Ra-entity Hadit. I've been able to grow my understanding of Set a lot by looking into these others. But I've mostly honed my invocation on Set. And a couple other non-Egyptian entities that I've tried out of curiosity. lol

I cannot speak for the veracity of any of the information in these links but then again, you find occult information in the strangest of places online sometimes. Plus one of these is a group on this very website. lol

I know what it's like having to use trial-and-error with information working with a deity most folks consider negative. You find stuff that's either written by folks who take that more evil perspective on the entity or you find stuff that looks iffy at best, and you have to filter all that out to get the few golden nuggets of useful information. lol

If Hel Was Wednesday Addams :

Bitch switch

Those who die a “straw death”---that is, a death in their own beds, are said to be the “inglorious dead”. But Hel knows that the glory of war is meaningless, and the afterlife of the heroes described in the old Sagas, an existence dedicated to perpetual fighting, seems especially futile to her. It was not the women and the children who wrote the Sagas. The poetry of war gives a voice to an ethic that we would find offensive today---and extremely dangerous in a world in which the weaponry of war has advanced to an almost unimaginable degree, but the moral nature of humanity has not advanced.

In your mind ally yourself with simple earth values. Those who live close to the earth by farming or gardening understand death as a part of life. We should call life “life/death” to get the right feeling. Life/death repeats itself endlessly. Plants, animals, and human beings die on the earth’s surface, but Hel has planted apple orchards beneath the earth. She has provided attractive homes for those who died honorably but “ingloriously”. She believes in peace, and rules a peaceful underworld. The one best way to please her is to pray and work for world peace.

Hel knows that reincarnation is the rule. She is the opposite---I should say the obverse side, like the obverse side of a coin---of Erda, the earth goddess, and the earth as goddess. Hel is Erda, and Erda is Hel. We can see this in her face. Place before you, lined up from left to right, flowers, fruit, and dead twigs and leaves of a single plant, whatever is available at any time of year. Now pick up the dead plant material from the right side and put it to the left of the flowers, to show that it precedes the flowers. The flowers depend upon the dying plants to create and continually renew the soil. The dead will return to life after a lifetime in Hel’s world.

Hel is the destination and the caretaker of the simple people and their simple, humane wisdom. Remember, they did not write the histories. In countless history books war is the principle topic, but these books were almost always written by men---men with violent imaginations. Hel believes that her people are much, much happier than violent people.

The two-fold Erda/Hel is repeated in Greece in the two-fold Demeter/Persephone. After all, she is the same for all nations. Could you imagine otherwise?

That is a very Vanir - ian approach to viewing Hel ,

rather than Aesir - ian , Marion , and sounds more

like UPG ( for those who do not know "Unverified

Personal Gnosis" ) , than something documented ;

Now , I am not giving preference either way , yet

I am asking : "How are you backing up those claims

to know Hel , and her preferences , and perception " ?

The Aesir - ian view was not earth oriented , yet sky ;

The Vanir - ian view which came before , was earth oriented ;

This is no different than other world stories , where the focus

went from the "shaggy , hairy ones" that were more earth power

and magical oriented , to ones more " civilized " , and celestial

oriented power , disconnected from the earth ;

Are you seeing Hel through the lens of one of the Titans , or

the Giants from Old Ways ?

If you note my name , I have my link to Fenris , so I am

more connected to the Old Ways , but that did not mean

always peaceful...just more magical thought , rather than

rational , science based perception...

The idea of a "peaceful , idyllic world " , is an illusion , though

most definitely a lovely thought , until one realizes that is not

the way the earth or universe truly is...;)

Perception , determines reality , up to a point where personal space ends...

And the female is not just "peaceful"...please do not propagate

that falsehood , as it denies women their destructive power , as

well as they have their creative...;)


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