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So aside from how frickin cool this is, what say you about the possible revelations this research may bring to light regarding rituals, meditations, etc? I have heard that visualizations during rituals, pentagrams as a simple example, are meant to be interpreted in the brain as hyperdimensional symbols. Thoughts?

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Oh , believe me , I have thoughts , good sir...

First , make the link to this thread :

Then , understand , if you will I have been working with , and teaching ,

an ancient code , underlying both the implicate order beneath the explicate

of the universe , per Bohm , and the associative cortices of the human brain ,

for twenty plus years , trying to explain to most humans we have known this

for aeons , long before science said we existed as homo sapiens...

However , they *are* getting closer...they just found four humans , homo sapiens

dated over 300,000 years old...wait till they find the ones I have been talking about

from a million years ago...

The study of this 11 dimensional code on the deeper levels , leads one into Portals ,

Hyperspace Coordinate Systems , Otherworlds , Mirror Universes , Multiple Black Hole

Feedback Loops , centered around an Einstein - Rosen Bridge , the Blue Fire which

precedes the matter state , Geometric Meditations on rotating structures from one

to 11 dimensions , just for a start...this is nothing new , as I said to Brian Greene

years ago on the phone , when I told him about a code of 44 to the 77th power

bits of information...

The scientists are just beginning to catch up !

In our 11 dimensional tree we work with , there is a central column of seven pairs

of symbols...those have a number value of 1151...

Blue Fire = 1151

Watch this , and toward the very end the mathematician speaks of 1152 , and it's

importance in higher dimensional forms...what they are not doing yet , is rotating

them in the mind to produce the effects on the brain and consciousness necessary

for 11 dimensional travel...that will come...

Here is one of my threads from last year...;)

Put that together with this :*bWC76azwwCx3DZrPr4WhLwKfgqVAZBeD2iZEDumjFta0f4E0BASBfIbL1QULtNr0hLQm2BJEGxuWRq4nhu5c/Ripplesinspacetime.jpg

It's not a fluke: For the third time, scientists have detected ripples in space-time caused when two black holes circle each other at mind-bending speeds and collide.

The LIGO gravitational-wave detector spotted the space-time ripples on Jan. 4, members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced today (June 1).

If this news sounds familiar, it's because this is the third black-hole collision that LIGO has detected in less than two years. These three consecutive discoveries signal to astrophysicists that mergers between black holes in this mass range are so common in the universe that LIGO may detect as many as one per day when the observatory begins operating at its full sensitivity, members of the collaboration said during a news teleconference yesterday (May 31). [How to See Space-Time Stretch - LIGO | Video]

And wrap your mind around four of them intersecting around that Einstein Rosen Bridge

as the elemental gates , around the vertical axis of the tree...

I ask you to put it further into context with this post from another thread here...


The runes , by the way , are ***not*** about telling the future , just like tarot , i - ching ,

or any other modern day version of an ancient system has been dumbed down into a low

level usage of that system , into a divination system , rather than it's high level usage

for training the brain into expanded mindframes used for multi - dimensional travel , and

exploring a hyperspace coordinate system built by others gone before...

The runes are one part of a language which runs the associative cortices program of

the brain , or neural network , and is the underlying implicate order under the explicate

reality , as per Bohm...

And for the rationalists , no , I do not need some empirical science to tell me this , I

have been immersed in the study and usage of the system for over one third of my 60

years here...I have done my testing , and confirmed results...

As the gentleman from The Agency said : they opened a T gate in the Stargate Program

and did go to a homeworld...what I know , is that was just one gate...

I repeat , as per my previous post : underneath all these political movements , which most

who are shitstirring the pot , on any side of cultural or political movements ,

have no idea of , is a magical war which has been , and is now , being played

out in Otherworlds...

Image result for T Shaped Stone Monoliths

Image result for T Shaped Stone Monoliths

Of course there have been other gates , as well , or better said : Portals

Image result for T Shaped Stone Monoliths

Image result for T Shaped Stone Monoliths

And then constructs built into , or near those portals :

Image result for externsteine

One of the magical ritual places for the SS to call through energies from the Otherside...


And now the gematria formula we used to create the gates a very long time ago...

Yet by cosmological time , but a minute ago...;)

T Dimension Portals :

( 9 + 296 + 450 )

Four Black Holes And Einstein Rosen Bridge = 2535

( 356 + 73 + 205 + 44 + 263 + 330 + 509 )

And , 2535 is the high sum of the eleven pairs of runes

of our "Faery / Wietch's / Shaman / Sorcerer's Tree"

Yeah , it is going to be interesting as they catch up , and

get closer to the key , and the knowledge of our ancient;) !

Thanks for sharing this info. It's fascinating to say the least. I'd love to learn more about it. I'm hell bent on comprehending it because the overall picture resonates with me.

On your comment about the magical war, the research I've done certainly leads me to believe this to be true, and the war has been raging for a very long time it seems. 

Thank you for you appreciation , Matthew...:)

And yes , as I have hinted , not just on this world ,

or in this dimensional a Seminole Calusa

once asked me :

"Where am I from" ?

I said :

"Well you are Seminole Calusa , so Florida"

He smiled gave me "the look" , and said :

"And where before that" ?

Now , I know "that look" , and so I thought , and felt , and said:

"That triangle off the coast"

He nodded and said :

"We do not call it a triangle"

Now knowing the code I know the center pair of symbols

in the tree are pronounced "Payuurt" and "Eel" in the old language...

One can mean Vibration , one can mean Bridge...

Thus "Payuurt Eel" became Portal...

So I said: "No you call it Payuurt Eel , or portal"

He nodded and said : "Yes , my people came through that a long time ago ,

your people came through a different one"

That was about 1999...I have come a little way understanding since then...

I shall send you a pm with a link to my is still in construction...

But there is a huge amount of info already...and I type with one finger...sheesh !

Great thread by the way !

what they are not doing yet , is rotating

them in the mind to produce the effects on the brain and consciousness necessary

for 11 dimensional travel...that will come...

Bwah! ha ha ha! I have the secret! 


( part of it , David )...;)

I have to you have a copy of Morning of the Magicians

laying around , or is it on pdf ?

Because with Matthew's expression of interest , I would post the next level

which relates to alchemy , Fulcanelli , and another part of the key to the

Great Work , and the 11 dimensional brain...

If anyone else can help with that it would be appreciated...

I can type a bit , but I need someone to type or paste and

copy a short section out of there , for educational purposes...

I type with one finger and can't do it all...Thanks !

I have a printed copy somewhere, and a pdf.  Here is the link to the pdf as well, however it is a scanned copy and not a "cut and paste" easy copy unfortunately.

Hmmm...I clicked on that and it begins on 187...

I need page 124 , middle to almost to bottom of page typed out here...

Wish I had a scanner , but can't afford one...

Thanks !

If you could look around , or find 124 , that would be great !

Here you go (btw sorry about that pdf I posted, I see it is not complete)


seeming things are not things at all, if all are intercontinuous, any
more than is a table leg a thing in itself, if it is only a projection from
something else: that not one of as is a real person if, physically, we
are continuous with environment; if, psychically, there is nothing to
us but expression of relation to environment. Our general expression
has two aspects: conventional monism, or that all things that scorn
to have identity of their own are only islands that are projections
from something underlying, and have no real outlines of their own.
By "beauty," I mean that which seems complete. Obversely, that the
incomplete, or the mutilated, is the ugly. Venus of Milo: to a child
she is ugly. When a mind adjusts to thinking of her as a completeness
. . . she is beautiful. A hand, thought of only as a hand, may seem
beautiful; found on a battlefield—obviously a part—not beautiful.
But everything in our experience is only a part of something else that
in turn is only a part of still something else—or that there is nothing
beautiful in our experience; only appearances that are intermediate
to beauty and ugliness—that only universality is complete; that only
the complete is the beautiful: that every attempt to achieve beauty is
an attempt to give to the local the attribute of the universal.
Fort's profound thinking is thus based on the subjacent unity of every
thing and of all phenomena. Yet civilized thought at the end of the nineteenth
century opened parentheses everywhere, and our binary system of
reasoning can only conceive duality. So, then, we see the crazy wise man
of the Bronx in revolt against the exclusionist science of his day, and also
against the very structure of our intelligence. It seems to him another
kind of intelligence is needed: an intelligence partly mystical, and awakened
to an awareness of the presence of Totality. From these premises he
goes on to suggest other methods of knowledge. To prepare us for this he
proceeds to tear up, or blow up, our set ways of thinking. "I'll send you
reeling against the doors that open on to 'something other.'"
And yet Mr. Fort is not an idealist. He militates against our limited
realism: we reject reality when it is fantastic. Mr. Fort does not preach a
new religion. On the contrary, he endeavors to surround his teaching with
a barrier to prevent the feebleminded from entering. That "everything is
in everything," that the Universe is contained in a grain of sand, he is
convinced. But this metaphysical certainty can only be apprehended at
the highest level of our reflective intelligence. Brought down to the level
of an elementary occultism it would appear ridiculous. It cannot be used
to justify the ravings of analogical thinking so dear to those rather suspect
esoterics who are continually explaining one thing by something else:
the Bible by numbers, the last war by the Great Pyramids, Revolution by
cartomancy and my future by the stars—and who see signs everywhere.
"There is probably a connection between a rose and a hippopotamus
and yet no young man would ever think of offering his fiancee a bouquet
of hippopotami." Mark Twain, denouncing the same false thinking,
declared jokingly that the Spring Song can be explained by the Tables of
the Law since Moses and Mendelssohn are the same name: you have only
to replace "-oses" by "-endelssohn." And Charles Fort renews the attack
with this caricature: "An elephant can be identified as a sunflower: both
have long stems. A camel is indistinguishable from a peanut, if only their
humps be considered." There you have a picture of the man—one who
carries his solid learning lightly. Let us see now how his thought can be
expanded to cosmic dimensions.

And here is a complete version that is copy/paste friendly:

Thanks !

And you can erase the text from that because the book is layed out differently , but I found what I need...

I will now post the text I was referring to , and subsequent info...

I do hope Matthew does not mind , as :

1. It is in context with the conversation

2. He said he was hell bent on understanding

So , David , if you will , leave your last post ,

just if you still can , delete the excerpt as it

was a different passage I was looking for...

Again thank you for your help !

And I recommend this pdf , to any who want to at

least open a window onto another way of perceiving

the past reality , and possible future...

Some of the info may be outdated , yet much is pertinent ,

and further , much is what we are in the middle of today...;)

I shall be making a series of posts one after another , now ,

to bring certain things to light and into focus...;)

David , I need your help again...

For some reason , it will not copy properly for me...

This is what I really need :

Page 95 , from :

He ventured to put another question:

to page 96

Every attempt to find him failed.

Thanks !

I left you a PM as I dont want to post excerpts here - and I cant delete the one I did post.

I wonder if Fulcanelli is really Flamel???

Our double father column equals 782 ( 391 x 2 )

Fulcanelli = 283


Obri = 282 ( pre - Ezra Hebrew )

Runic = 283


Fulcanelli = 283

Is = 310

Flamel = 189

= 782


Your answer , sir...

And thank you for sending me that copy...

I shall get to that soon now...;)


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