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I tend to get into arguments via the net…. (No not you >some may say <) but hey as humans how can we learn when we get hit with a “fuck you “ or simply ‘you are wrong”. Truly I find such conflict counterproductive yet there are lessons that can come from it. By accepting something is bad (the argument) and final in the conversation is a bit single minded. So I may rebuttal or get rebuttalled hence the flame war begins. If you experience is still on topic take a break and see what it is the conflict about and the opponents point of view. We all have single perceptions (since they are our own) but if we take the time to see others perception your point (or theirs) then the argument may be mute. I find many of my conflicts learning experiences. Some that I have bumped into wanted to argue for the sake of arguing “to win for the sake of winning” So I pulled my posts and left the thread hanging. This fellow persisted on proving his point and of course for the sake of the win. This person I could not learn from except how to identify a fragile ego. But others I have debated have explained themselves (or me about me ) and those experiences are worth the growls snarls and barks of a debate. For those who are out for the win or to simply make a point ( or prove a point)regardless of others points of views are usually ones with more issues than the debate itself.

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We all have different points of view on just about everything, and that is not a bad thing. The important thing to remember is that anything can be debated in a respectful manner without resorting to name calling or slandering the others point of view. Some people get alittle too passionate in their debates.
I'll raise a mead glass to that. Cheers! lol
Usually there is at least some very closely related topic which people are sensitive about, but they don't find a way to articulate that one directly. The ego merely functions as a baseball bat, for instance. Now as everyone knows, it does not help to fixate on the weapon, but on the face of your opposite to become aware of their moves.
Debate is the operable word. Too many times the discussions become out and out war and the debating part is well in the past. I tend not to post on discussions when a fight is occurring unless I just can't help myself that day. But I think it's human nature to want others to "hear" us and hate it when we feel drowned out. It's okay to be passionate about your point of view but it doesn't need to be forced down anothers throat...very very bitter pill...

I also seen a trend (most juvenile )  that people will kill the topic and attack the person.  In which resulting into name calling and the like ~  This of all things ?   I may write (or say ) some harsh stuff as long as it was in context .  But the trend is to call some one fatso , or gaptooth , etc...  which to me show the writer to have other issues than debating the topic at hand .

I would write you're are an idiot or thats BS and the like but it is with in context (not justifying my self but there is a difference)

One Flaw I have and share with many is the "knee jerk reaction" response where the FUs poor out and your fingers seem to trip over each other ... some what comical.   But to be on topic here I do like a good debate I see it as fencing with ideals where others try to make it a street fight and ironically enough in this metaphor no one wins. 


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