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The Knight's Code:

1. To fear God and maintain His Church

2. To serve the liege lord in valour and faith

3. To protect the weak and defenceless

4. To give succour to widows and orphans

5. To refrain from the wanton giving of offence

6. To live by honour and for glory

7. To despise pecuniary reward

8. To fight for the welfare of all

8. To obey those placed in authority

9. To guard the honour of fellow Knights

10. To eschew unfairness, meaness and deceit

11. To keep faith

12. At all times to speak the truth

13. To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun

14. To respect the honour of women

15. Never refuse a challenge from an equal

16. Never turn your back upon a foe

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.Or a WITCH or a FAERIE.REAL is in the eyes of the person........
SANTA is a right jolly 'ole ELF from the faerie realm,Easter bunny a made up tale and Sherman can be the Civil War hero the laddie is giving honor too,like i said confusuion for some and hionor for others how we "SEE" things. Have a fine day.....
YOUR opinion on how the OP was written ANCIENT ONE. I think it was fine simply put out there to see how everyone received it,saw it for value or not. Was he looking fror specific responses or simply what we each saw about the knights code. There is no right or wrong with how people reaspond to an OP as such. it is simply how people view it,apply it or choose not too,hardly anything to get so bent out of shape about,truely.....You ok?
SIR ANTHONY H. STALLINGS.NO need to apologize to anyone on here!  We have several Knights in our Scottish Clan Gordon and I understand what you are saying . I appreciate the Knights Code and the point of the adaptability and i know in MY LIFE,there are Knights today, Ignore the naysayers or and enjoy you you are,what you believe and how YOU live your life!! Celticlass.Faerie Queen (ALOT of them think I pretend too....)O SLAINTE!
"In bOTH of these lives....."

Maybe so, but the list is a romantic fiction to the reality of medieval battle.

Rule one: hit first. 2: hit hardest. ...and remember to pee before putting on your codpiece.

oddly enough, i seem to recall a story when French kinights were hired as mercenaries in Italian wars they shocked their hosts by actually killing opponents on teh 'field-of-honour'. Undoubtedly some did assign their noblest virtues towards combat but for teh most part they simply made sure they stayed alive and left a trail of blood in their wake.

The slaughter at Agincourt was one such ocasion when french kinights assailed the baggage train, cleaving non-combatants from limb to limb with no thought for honour at all. then again, that's the french for you.

Early happy hour,EH? I like trains though and KNIGHTS......but NOT all people are knigts or knightnesses,no,no,no.....some just arent,cant be,wont be m,atter what.....Oh well...Have a grande eve!


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