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Baphomet: The O9A View

Thus the O9A explanation of the origin of the term, and their various depictions of a female Baphomet, is far more plausible - esoterically, and otherwise - than the conventional explanations and depictions. Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that the O9A has for decades used the term Baphomet as one of their many tests for mundane-ness, since "if someone uses, for example, the 'standard' accepted explanation of Baphomet, and Laveys inverted pentagram, it is a reasonable conclusion that they have just accepted such things as "truth". The ONA alternative – the ONA heresy in such matters – should cause them to pause, if, that is, they possess some genuine, innate, Occult ability; if they have the qualities to progress along the Sinister Path. The ONA alternative should set them thinking, for themselves; should point them toward doing their own research, and even using, developing, their latent Occult abilities."

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff as a Litmus test.  Any person that proliferates the occult, should be aware of Montague Summers that made the same leap at the end of the 19th century.

Only, the way he interpreted it was simply an absorption of knowledge.  'Sophia' being the female gender assignment to knowledge vs. its masculine counter-part. 

Still, if you're going to apprehend a symbol for your endeavors and be truly "Hermetic" then saying Baphomet is the "Mistress of Blood" ain't it.  
I do like the artwork though :)

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Artistic renderings have always been acceptable.

Read the Site Rules for clarification.

Here's some photos of him if you're not familiar:

The most infamous caricature:

and the gravestone:

See also:  Find a Grave

And some of his works you can download for free:

Malleus Maleficarum:

 The Vampire: His Kith and Kin

 Northanger Horrid Novels (and Jane Austins  Northanger Abbey)

Interestingly my favorite Rock Band "Rush" Wrote a song "The Necromancer" based losely on the Jane Austin novel of the same name.

Hugh Schoenfield in the Essene Odyssey has shown that the name Baphomet is an atbash cypherfor Sophia.This seems decisive as it cannot be coincidence (Mathematically the chances are several thousands to one against it being chance).

The symbol of Levi derives through Templar models from the iberian witchcraft in which the figurf is androgynous. 

Aleph = Tau

Beth = Shin

Gimel = Resh

Daleth = Qoph

Heh = Tzadi

Vau = Peh

Zain = Ayn

Cheth = Samech

Teth = Nun

Yod = Mem

Kaph = Lamed


B= Beth = Shin = S

Ph = Peh = Vau = 0

O = Vau = Pey = Ph

M = Mem = Yod =Y

Th = Tau = Aleph = A


Note also that Baphomet spelled this way has a gematria value of 528 a highly significant value in the ancient cannon of proportions (eg 5280 feet in a mile) and Sophia has a value of 397 the value of the phrase "Hidden Light" according to Liber 777. A highly significant phrase under the circumstances!

That is one way...

There are other ways , shapes from the Obri - Runic comparison code ,

and layers of meaning that make much more sense , and are not as much

of a stretch...though I respect your attempt , and see value in it...( pun )

However , it is not "Hidden Light"...777 is often incorrect...

It is "Aur Penimi" = 397 , thus "Internal / Inner" = 190 + "Light" = 207...

And do note 207 is full spectrum light , whereas 201 is light...

Hidden , on the other hand ( left , of course ) has a value of 15...

( see Sepher Sephiroth )

As far as stretches of 528 to 5280 , I would take you to task on that...

Yet , as 265 = Architect = Space Time = 26.5 degrees in Grand Gallery

angle in Great Pyramid , I cannot cry foul too loudly...;)

Yet , as far as Baphomet , see my post , and I do know this is correct...

There are many sites with PDF's of Liber 777

It is one of Crowley's publications , and one of the main

references for the Thelemic Tradition , aka O.T.O , or

Ordo Templi Orientis...

However , even many in that community , have pointed

out a number of mistakes within the book , and there have

been various publications which have come after by those

in the order correcting such...

Here is a link to an Thelemic may have to join

site to access , but it is worth it...

Many other books in the Libraries...

Ashbash is the term used to describe the folding of

the 22 letter Aleph - Beth into two columns of eleven...

Yet , observe if you will...

Ash - B - Ash ( Runically , Ash = Assk rune )

Ash = 10 ( equal to Yod )

B = 2 ( Torc rune , equal to Beth )

Ash = 10

Thus 22 = Ash B Ash , or later , Atbash...

( the number of letters )

Now , as Ash , can mean "fluidic pressure" , and Torc ( B ) ,

can mean a "fractal" , we have a formula designating two

fluidic pressure points , forming a fractal equation within...

This is a diagram of connection , as per a Fourier Diagram

of the two columns of eleven , and the Runic equivalent to

the Obri / Hebrew Aleph - Beth...

As each symbol , Obri / Hebrew , or Runic , has 77 levels of

meaning and application , one may begin to see the depth of

AshBash , as a system of understanding and application...

Do Note The Fourier Diagram was the Snakeskin Garter of the High Priestess

Of Witchcraft , and was involved with the foundation of the Royal Order of

The Garter , in Masonic Tradition...;)

I was actually aware of the mistake in 777 but I have quoted it in one of the versions that I have (scholarly training :) upon checking other copies of the text in my possession I find that the etymology that you correctly cite is included in some of them! (sloppy scholarship on my part but I generally don't expect to have to check several editions of the same book in a simple allusion such as this)!

On the code system that you use I am unfamiliar with it. Where can I obtain information on this? In relationship to the snake skin garter a Fourier Diagram   I am also interested to know if you have a source for this assertion. The Snake skin garter is  mentioned in several variant texts of the Key of Solomon but those texts do not connect it with witchcraft.

What I teach comes from Oral Tradition , normally passed

only through initiated has been called by many

names through time , in many cultures , and still is today...

Long before Solomon , whose name comes from the code ,

the Tradition existed , yet during his time it was called the

Language of the First Temple...

I have many posts on this site going back years , speaking

about the language and code , what it is , how it has been

used , and still is...

If you are interested , I can also link you to my group on another

site , where I show how this was the knowledge of the old Craft ,

which we called has been referred to as the

Lost Language Of The Witchcraft...

For the purposes of your question however , I shall show you a few

things for now , to assist , as you asked...;)

With a straight line rune above each of these columns which equal 994

the sum of the symbol set would be 1008...the two straight line runes

are pronounced in the "modern" by our standards , "Norse - German"

system as "Isa" , yet we know them as "Is"...

Thus , Is - Is , or Isis...thus the two columns become the Pillars of the High Priestess...yet , when we take the letter value , of the whole word

not the symbol value :

Is = 7 ( by Symbol Value )

Is + Is = 14

Thus 994 + 14 = 1008

Yet by letter value for :

I = 7

S = 60

I = 7

S = 60

= 134

( note "I" in Obri / Hebrew = 10 , in Runic = 7 )

C = 20 / 500

O = 70

D = 4

E = 40

( long story but Runic "E" = Obri / Hebrew "M" )

Thus :

Code = 134 = Isis

Now , when I take the high value of Nun / Naid...

S = 60

O = 70

L = 30

O = 70

M = 8

O = 70

N = 700

= 1008

You might find it interesting :

Knights Templar Cypher Code = 1008

New Order Of Ages = 1008

Looking At Pillars Of Masonic Temple = 1008

I did speak with an elder Mason , who asked me how

I got this , and why I was revealing it...

I shall just say he was in his eighties , a 32nd , or 33rd

degree , ( I can't remember ) , and told me he was just

beginning to be initiated into the Code...

Further , here are the astrological attributions...

And , if I place those sixteen "Is" runes around the columns , the sum is 112...and 111 , by gematria ( check Sepher Sephiroth )

Babel = 34

Towers = 77

Thus when one tilts the columns slightly , and draws

a 3d phi spiral , around the columns , we attain a ziggurat

to the stars...

Think of one language broken up , long ago...

That story is just one that came aeons after the reality...

Thus :

I Am Primordial Tradition = 994

Yet :

Wietch's Book Of Shadows = 993

And to finish for now , though I have spent 23 + years

working with and teaching this Code and Tradition mostly

privately...many , many thousands of pages of gematria

formulas , decoding and encrypting this world and the is something from a Craft Tradition ,

though I could show you where Gardner got his information ,

if you would like that link , and follow the "thread"...


Since I saw a post made on this site  , 

I feel the need to clear something up about

another missed understanding of

The Crreayafth ;


That of the

Witch's Compass


The Stang


Robert Cochrane  or Roy Bowers

did not invent either the

Witch's Compass or Stang

as they stretch far back in time


Let me illustrate using the Code :

Wietch's = 281

Compass = 299

= 580


Now , in Obri / Hebrew ,

580 = Hairy One , He Goat

580 = Ruler Of Fire

580 = Ancient


Now when we add the value of the Word

Circle = 317


We attain the formula

580 + 317

= 897


As the number one away :

896 = Earth , Air , Fire , Water

( 291 + 214 + 301 + 90 )


896 = Telluric Current Of Earth

( As well many other most important things )

We may see how this pertains ;


When we add the word

Stang = 112


Do remember , the sixteen "Is / Isa" runes going around

the two columns of eight Goddess and eight God runes

equal the number value of 112


We now attain :

897 + 112 = 1009


Which is , if one remembers from other threads here ,

one of our most important values for

our rune arrangements dealing with the



Further , to show the source of a riddle

attributed to Cochrane


1734 :

Name = 99

Key = 66

Of = 150

Goddess = 241

Hecka - Theea = 347

= 2637




1734 : Name Of Child Goddess Hecka - Theea = 2637


Another of our rune arrangement values of the


= 2636


Further still :

Three = 294

Rings = 320

Of = 150

Hecka - Theea = 347

= 1111


Symbolizing thus our two columns of

eleven runes

thus bringing in our tree of eleven dimensions

with pairs of runes related to each dimension


When one takes into account this relation

to the double eleven columns

along with 1009

relating to the double eight columns

with the ninth level

of two "Is" runes




I + S + I + S = 134 = Code


Then we now have correspondences which tie

in the energies of Goddess and God

And the Tree


Remember , the Th - E - and Ea ,

are the letter values of our

Maiden , Mother , and Crone


relating to the three Mother Letters in

Obri / Hebrew

Aleph , Mem , and Shin


Thus the Three Rings Of Hecka - Theea


Yet :

Triple = 366

Circle = 317

= 683

And :

Wietchcrreayafth = 682


To assist understanding on another level ;

Stang = 112


Place = 17

Stang = 112

In = 190

Center = 260

Of = 150

Circle = 317

Or = 7

Outside = 164

Of = 150

Circle = 317

In = 190

North = 226

= 2212


Another of our important rune arrangement values ,

which you may check in the

Rune Sheet Thread

in the Forum



A note from the

Witch's Constructs Thread

regarding the Stang it's shape

which runes correspond to it ,

and the meaning


Kaen Rune Means Energy

Across From Yar Meaning Phase Shifting

Therefore Stang Was Placed Outside Circle

Or In The Center

As A Symbol / Activation Key For Shifting Energy

During Ritual


Occasionally it is found with this rune

on the Stang :

With Ay - Yer Rune "Shifting Energy In Two Worlds"

Kaen = 500 ( High Value )

Ay - Yer = 70

570 = Gate



What Cochrane did do , was take the Code

of our

Old Religion Of Wieckacrreayafth ,


Bend and Twist

it like many before him , and the many who have come after


Or he inherited from one's before him who did it

then via lineage passed it down to him


The blessing and curse of this ,

whenever it happens

and through whoever , is it

"buries the dog deeper"

as Gurdjieff would say


And there can be a loss of information

as well a new tradition created


This is why I keep returning things to the

Source Code


To show where things came from ,

and why we have been led to believe them


Yet always remember , if one chooses to utilize the Code



The more what one creates is keyed to the number values

of the code and it's boundaries ,

the more potent the spell and magic , in whatever arena

one chooses to apply it


Enough Said For Now


Let me know if you want that link , Cluthin...

By the way , Rosey , aka Rosey Cross ,

Knows me from a few sites...;)


And here is a video of me from a few years back ,

made "tongue in cheek" when I was teaching in

Calgary , Canada


 As the post below notes 777 Is readily available however it does not deal with the Atbash code. I am not certain about The Essene Odyssey but it should be fairly easily available. There are two examples of this code in the book of  Jeremiah and it was used in the dead sea scrolls and several early Apocrypha (All detailed in The Essene Odyssey).

I like this, looks familiar.


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