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I have recently been thinking about the Minoans and their society which was believed to be Matriarchal in nature, a Goddess centred society. It has been suggested that there has never been a Matriarchal society of any kind throughout history.

My question would be what would the benefits be to men living in such a society, why would they invest their time and energies in such an arrangement?

This was the first sophisticated society in Europe during the Bronze Age, the Minoans who were essentially Arms dealers trading in bronze spears and swords of exceptional quality, and in high demand throughout the Mediterranean. They were the hunter gathers of old Europe, who worshiped the Goddess, and when they turned to farming the Goddess continued to be worshiped, although now with farming this would have led to an increase in population, and yet you don’t find chieftains in control of the island of Crete. No monuments to great Kings, and their exploits.

If Minoan men still valued cooperation left over from their Hunter gather days, and wanted to concentrate on developing their society by working on mining, ship building, sailing, arms manufacture and urban construction, how would they govern their communities and perhaps the island as a whole without placing any one man above the rest?

As a natural consequence, it would have been obvious that women, who run households, care for children, plan, and allocate resources within the family would have found this a natural extension of their skill sets to do this activity, and run the community as Administrators, and lasted until the end of the Bronze age, and the disappearance of the Minoans.

After the fall of the Minoans, it would be a long time before we would see this kind of cooperation among men until the advent of Democracy, which is a capitalist based system of governance, with men working together by being paid money to do so, and in constant competition with one another. Are men happy today, earning more or less money than each other, with their giant Televisions and Cars as a distraction, praying to a God or none at all, which are all essentially male dominated?

Does this really satisfy men today; do they have and know their true purpose in the world?

On Crete, women were also in charge of running the Goddess religion they found themselves to be at the centre of. In Minoan spirituality, a Priestess would wear a long dress with an open top, baring her breasts, as this is the focus of her religious beliefs, as a ‘Breast centred Goddess Consciousness,’ the ‘Sacred Breast,’ to commune with and pray to the Goddess, and also as the conduit to the Goddess, allowing men to commune and pray to the Goddess by making a deep sensual connection with their partners.

The writer Sophie Bashford says - For a woman to open up to her immense, natural sexual fullness she needs to trust a man with her heart, soul and sacred feminine core.~

She needs to feel that he recognizes that she is goddess in incarnate form. He needs to recognize that the core of him - his masculinity - is deeply nourished by the spiritual feminine and that it is only through surrender to this sacred Shakti force that he can become the man he yearns to be (and the world most needs)….

Bashford, is essentially making the same point as the Minoan Priestesses that a man is deeply nourished by the spiritual feminine of the Goddess within a woman, and what men sadly lack in our world today.

Is this what makes a Matriarchal society of value to men. To be free in the pursuit of knowledge, skills, and purpose, while at the same time finding a deep fulfillment within the Goddess through her living representative’s on Earth, as Administers, and as Priestesses of the Goddess.

In this society all are playing to their strength both Material and Spiritual.

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True , Aurelia...

I could tell you it comes from the code I teach ,

yet I could not "prove" that...and that does not matter...;)

However , as I understand it , Sir Arthur Evans , named the

Minoan civilization after such name , referring to King Minos...

So , unless that information is wrong...we have a civilization

named after a King who might be fictional , or historical...

So , on one level it does at least apply to the conversation...

It is always interesting where mythology and history meet...

However , as I understand it , Sir Arthur Evans , named the

Minoan civilization after such name , referring to King Minos...

That's exactly what he did.  Interestingly, the Ipuwer Papyrus from Egypt is interpreted as calling the people from Crete "Keftiu"

"and with the oil of which [chiefs] are embalmed as far as Keftiu? They come no more;"


So possibly, the Cretans called themselves something similar to that word.

There was a Minoan Brotherhood which was a form of wicca for gay men.

But that hardly falls under matriarchal.

Well as this is my first Discussion point on a site like this, not being a professional writer, I can see perhaps it would have been better to have just asked the question, rather than advocate a conclusion of my own as well, as it raised other issues as well, that complicated the question.

Thank you for your points of view, it has given me a lot to think about, as to how I will present this in the future which was the aim of the discussion, and test the principle.

Thanks for hearing us , Meridian...

Please take this well when I say that took a good soul to see that

and acknowledge it , and I would hope we can all have a more civil

conversation in the future...

I do believe your intent at heart was good...we all need a more

workable society , whether in the bigger picture of the world ,

or the microcosm of Paganspace !

You've done well.


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