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It's the ultimate question, isn't it? I think it's open to personal interpretation.

I would like to know what you think it is.

For me, I think the meaning of life is to love it and love others. Do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and spread kindness to those you meet.

If it tastes good, eat it. If it makes you feel good, do it. If it helps someone else, give.

Love, laugh, eat, drink, and be merry.

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From my perspective, it is my responsibility to try my very best to fulfill my potential.  Anything less than complete fulfillment permits a vacuum, a void space between my reality and my ideal that allows intrusion by adjacent realities which would not otherwise have been part of my experience.  

We all have different perspectives that define our individual realities.  Where they overlap in synchronization is our concept of the external world.  The many points where our realities don't overlap constitute our internal reality, different from others.  To the extent that I allow the intrusion of other people's realities into my own determines how much Control over my own that I am willing to relinquish, allowing others to shape my path. In short, the better I am at SELF-expression, the cleaner and less disruptive my life is.  My personal motto is "As I shine, I also illuminate", in order to keep in mind that my own internal reality affects those adjacent realities around me.

Yes, this means a solitary life, pretty much.  Even though I do appreciate the value of intimate personal relationships, I've been there, done that.  Now, I'm into fulfilling my potential as an expression of the God identity.

Let me put it this way, in terms that most readers can at least recognize.  "God" is not a separate being, but the totality of All That Is.  With the understanding that I am an aspect of God, I am now only limited by my beliefs and expectations, and my ultimate potential is therefore theoretically unlimited.  My own conscience is all I have to answer to.  

It was about 10 years ago that I crossed the line from the idea of having been created to the idea that I am actively involved in Creation at any given instant.  With that realization, and my constant acts of dynamic appreciation, my life experience over the last 10 years has continually improved.  My light shines.  

I could probably explain it more clearly, but boredom would overtake you unless you already recognized the truth of it.  And, if you already recognize the truth, there's no point in explaining it.  Assuming that success and accomplishment are indicators of a good formula for living, then I certainly found one that works really well.

I dont think its a question about the Meaning of life. I think about what we do with our lives that matters. 

I find meaning in what we do with our lives.

In Information Theory the amount of meaning in a message, a signal or a piece of information content (i.e. matter) is the Information Entropy (related to, but not the same as Physical Entropy). The larger the Information Entropy the more unpredictable the content. The more predictable the content, the less meaning it holds so meaning is essentially unpredictability. In information theory randomness like you see in static is surprisingly predictable as it follows the laws of probability, and, in fact, you can inject random static into a message to make the unpredictable or meaningful parts more visible. Deterministic and Random processes are causal, predictable and meaningless. Freewill events are acausal, unpredictable and meaningful. The universe operates on freewill and therefore contains meaning. Interpreting that meaning depends on whether you can read it in context--something we sometimes can and sometimes can't do.

Here’s an example of the context issue. A few years ago, the SETI project detected what has become known as the “Wow” signal. It was a large one-time signal that was completely unpredictable. It stood out against the background of regular noise which is what made the SETI astronomers say “Wow!”. Unfortunately, it occurred without context and never repeated so they were never able to pinpoint its origin or determine its nature. Even if the Wow signal was the result of a completely natural process rather than Interstellar Aliens, it was still significantly meaningful because it was unpredictable. It carried new knowledge. However, because we’re missing the context we can’t interpret it. It’s meaning is inaccessible to us.

Very interesting.  I enjoy and appreciate your post.

Though I’ve not had your obvious formal training in Information Theory, I have come to similar conclusions.  From this theory, then, the meaning of life is necessarily the exception rather than the rule.  Taken further, this means that each individual’s own conception of the Meaning Of Life has a validity that is independent of probability.  

In my mind at least, I see this as logical support for my belief that there are just as many individual realities as there are conscious awarenesses.  The portions that are interdependent with each other are the areas within which we can share direct communication, while communication is somewhat more rarified and esoteric at the edges of our realities.

The meaning of life?

To please Allah.

The meaning of life is to learn! To find your own way, your own path and place in the world.


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