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Maybe someone knows the author of this and if they have a website. I love this. Almost letter for letter of the way i feel....almost.

The Modern Witch's Manifesto-

 ~Author Unknown


I am a witch.

 That is sufficient for you to know.

 Witches need not disclaim the Wiccan tradition/religion nor apologize to its members for what they are and are not.

 We are part of a long and proud tradition of the art, craft, philosophy, and way of life that is Witchcraft.

 We were here before Wicca and we will be here after.

 We are set apart.

 Simply naming yourself “witch” does not make you a witch any more than naming yourself “neurologist” makes you a brain surgeon.

 To be a witch requires study, learning, practice, experience and talent.

 Being a witch is a calling, not a choice.

 You either are or you aren’t.

 The lot is cast at birth by the Universe and there is nothing you can do about it.

 Not everyone can be a concert pianist or a best-selling author; not everyone can be a witch.

 Wicca is a religion.

 Witchcraft is a craft.

 The comparison of the two is a comparison of apples and oranges.

 Witchcraft can be used to express the religion Wicca just as sculpting can be used to express Christianity.

 However, Wicca is not Witchcraft anymore than Catholicism is sculpting.

 Witchcraft is not a religion, the witch is free to believe or not believe as they wish.

 Witches may worship a Goddess, a rock, Satan, Will Rogers, The Force or nothing at all.

 It is the witch’s choice how to relate to the Universe and none may gainsay that choice.

 The witch is self-empowered and relies on no one else to get through life.

 This means we make our own moral choices, form our own ethics, and decide our own course.

 An artificial morality may not be forced upon us.

 We will not be intimidated with “karma” or threats of “three-fold” retribution.

 We will not be told that these will “get us no matter what we believe.”

 The wisdom we hold is sacred and has been handed down from the Ancients through many generations.

 Our families and traditions have perfected it and people have both lived and died for it.

 We will not bear the insult of being told that we are wrong because what we know and practice does not agree with the author of some shallow, mass marketed book from the New Age shelf at Barnes & Noble.

 Being a witch does not require you to be a Socialist, a Democrat, a feminist, ecologically conscious, politically correct, or even socially acceptable.

 Each witch makes her own way through the world and sets the terms and conditions of how they interact with it.

 Externally imposed ideas of “right and wrong” and “good and bad” have no meaning to the witch.

 Witches live and work from within the shadow.

 This is the ancient and honorable way.

 We are called out from the Coven and wish to live separately from them.

 We don’t need nor even want good public relations.

 We are not concerned with being “persecuted” or fighting for our “civil rights.”

 Our validation comes from within ourselves, not from the President, the media, the Christian church or the IRS.

 We are unique individuals and no one speaks for us.

 Wiccans may not say what witches believe or how witches think.

 We have no problem allowing others to follow the course that they choose –

 or assisting them in it – so long as they afford us the same courtesy.

 We are not your enemies or your adversaries.

 We just want the right to be who and what we are; the same right you claim for yourselves.

 I am a witch.

 That is sufficient for you to know.

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I feel the need to applaud after reading this.

thanks a bunch. i'll check it out.

I think that's the point Dream. I didn't see it as animosity, just acknowledgement that all witches aren't Wiccan. Lots of folks do not see that there is a difference. Just my perception. The website was an interesting one. Can't wait to spend some more time there.

Some interesting "recipes" and creeds and rules and such.

I think one of the reasons that most folks think all witches are wiccan is that wicca is recognized as a religion. I like the fact that this manifesto refers to witchcraft as a craft and not a religion. I've struggled with labels for a long time...folks seem to went to define you with a word or phrase. I don't like that and this manifesto describes pretty well how I view things. I use the phrase "In just me.". Labels perplexing me! Rambling again aren't I...
Hahaha! I've never been accused of that! Thanks. Sometimes I get wound up and yammer too much!

I dont see how it could be viewed as animosity if it's  only pointing out differences that seem pretty spot on and obvious. It's not like someone just made up opinions that arent felt by anyone BUT the author. I think  maybe not all but the majority of witches already felt what was written here just summed up and pulled together better.

yep.. I agree

What means to be a witch ? I saw in my life many types of witches who claimed all kind of things ... This letter is full of truth . Unfortunately I don't know the author of this but I will try to find out who wrote this letter


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