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Does anyone knows the history & origin of the pointed & stereotypical witch hat?

I'm very interested since I want to know if it holds any meaning so I can start wearing one occasionally for rituals but I couldn't find much on other sites.


~ Hecate

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It certainly does have a meaning and use in ritual. The earliest examples come from Germany and are made of gold and date from the bronze age! They also contain sun moon and star symbols. I have recently written an article describing in detail the use of pointy hats in ritual any one interested in a copy of my article on this subject may email me

Thank you very much, I will!

Thanks so much, I did read that before but I still feel that something's missing. 

There is a link with China of a female mummy found in a grave like a home with a pointed hat suggesting that the Celts came from China, and the origins of the pointed hat?

That is very interesting!

Recent DNA evidence clearly links the Chinese mummies to European genotypes predating the mummies time it seems the mummified people where migratory Europeans Not a Celtic group originating in China!

I have heard that some consider the hat to be the "top" of the cone of power that a witch raises, and acts as a sort of "antenna" of shaper of the chakra power emenating from the top of the head.  No idea how true that is, or if it is just a new age conjecture.

I like this definition.

Many ideas

Historically it may go back to days when women were shamans 

Other stories include that it's a bastardization of traditional Welsh women wear:

Which may allude to women being accused of witchcraft were well-to do women who could afford such finery.

Sounds reasonable, thanks!

Regardless witch hats can be very fashionable even now when doing ritual:

Wow! Now I know for sure I'll be using one & not only for rituals!


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