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Lately I have been noticing a slight pressure on the top of my head, between the forehead and the middle of my head. It seems to always be there when I feel intuitive and at one with my surroundings, and it is as if it is giving me an extra sense(for the time that I have it).

When I feel like this I can literally feel the chi surge right up and down my spine like a twin tornado, both twirling towards me. It is such a strong and powerful feeling that I feel completely untouchable, like nothing or no-one can influence any negative that will harm me. The thing is, I can't always access this feeling, it seems to only come when it wants to and when I do seek it out it barely ever happens.

I feel that it is because I am not doing enough meditation, but the big problem is that I can barely find a quiet moment to do so, I have very annoying noisy neighbors who are also my most hated enemies. And there are no descent quiet places where I can go. Is music appropriate for meditation? I always feel like I am cheating my brain out of something when I use music, even though I can meditate about twice as long with it.

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thats good advice, i had had similar thoughts also, pertaining to the tightening of muscles in the top of the head relating to main crown chakra and secondaries blockages.

Its actually a spirit in the room physically touching you. It happens to me a lot, I personally cant stand it but Im glad you got a good reaction. They can get really get into touching and poking you and take YEARS to evacuate.


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