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Hello Everyone,
I'm New to this forum so I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post.
I was recently exposed to a Brotherhood called the sons of Heracles While visiting my family in Greece (I'm Greek, living in the US)
I have been practicing Hellenism for 6 years now and recently discovered this brotherhood that apparently existed for many years now.
I was wandering if anyone would you be interested in hearing about it?
I am asking because I'm working on translating the only book about the subject from Greek to English, Hopefully as fast as I could considering I have a regular life that Include work.
Also would like to see if there are many Hellenism practitioners in this forum.  

Thank you and may the gods bless you all.   

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I don't know if you are aware of Helen Demetriou, who lives on the island of Cypress. She not only believes in the gods but serves as a guide to them and interacts with them. I would say that her teachings are neo-Platonist on the whole. She has produced many YouTube videos.


Thanks for your comment, I do know her actually she is a very interesting person.

I am a member of the classical Greek and Roman world immediately under the skin. (1) In high school I found hope and solace in the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. (2) The Buddhist art of Gandhara, created by Greek artists who went to that land with Alexander of Macedonia, inspires me as no other religious art does. (3) The music that I find most reliable for inspiration and sheer beauty is Baroque music based on ancient Greek myths. Examples would be operas by Handel or Rameau. (4) I rewrote or reinterpreted the myths of Aphrodite and Adonis, Kybele and Attis, and Mithras in an attempt to create a religion for myself. (5) I am a loyal fan of Julian the Apostate. (6) I think that Apollonius of Tyana should be studied alongside the New Testament. (7) Aristotle gave us a single word by which to judge ourselves: Excellence. It is the best morality. (8) I believe that Stoicism at its best is comparable to Buddhism. I am a Stoic. (9) I say that Epicurus discovered the right way to live for happiness---with great simplicity. (10) The first paintings of Aphrodite lit up the Medieval world like a gentle light of dawn. (11) I love to see buildings with arched doors and windows, as well as domes and pillars. (12) The classical landscape is dotted with sacred springs, sacred groves, and sacred mountains. (13) Satan surprises me. Why do we need a Satan? No one is entirely evil. I say, “Respect your enemy” for your antagonist knows things about you that you should learn. 


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