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The Lady came to me out of the mist. She embraced me, and I felt safe. She took my hands and we danced. As we danced I saw the top of the Earth unfold from beneath her feet. As it spiraled downward, I saw the Lord, brilliant as the sun dance up to meet us. We danced, the three of us in a ring. Then they embraced and danced out galaxies together. I saw the birth and death and rebirth of stars. I saw the earth gather as magma in a globe, saw the asteroid that struck the cooling earth, creating the moon and adding water to the earth's ecosystem. I saw oceans form and creatures evolve, some leaving the ocean and evolving to giants. I saw the great extinction and the rise of mammals, the rise of mankind and the rise of civilization. In the great brightness. The Lady took one hand and the Lord took the other. "Why are we here?" I asked. "To live," said the Lady."To love," said the Lord. "To create," said the Lady. "To laugh," said the Lord. "To help," said the Lady "To defy," said the Lord. "To do all this and more," said them both. Then they each cupped a side of my face and I saw the first time my parents brought me to the ocean, I saw the first time I held my baby sister, I saw my first kiss, I saw my dad and stepmom's wedding, I saw very clearly, painting in the backyard with my father and sister. I smelled the turpentine. I saw my brushstrokes. "The creativity came from me," said the Lady. "The motivation came from me," said the Lord. Then they drifted away from me and I was on earth once more.

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Thanks for sharing, Kitty. I find it coincidental because I was converted, in a way, from a dream too. I remember I found myself in an old Scandinavian style great hall. There was a feast or gathering going on and a great figure sat at the head of the room. A woman was introduced to me, the only figure in the dream whose name was given. I was told her name was "Brigit". I woke up and felt very different. Later, I was surfing the net and saw that there was an old Celtic goddess named Briganta/Brigid. From that day on, I was convinced the dream was of significance. Being descended from Celts and Nordics, I felt compelled to begin my new spiritual journey through the remnants of Druidry.

For a lot of people, the craft or a specific deity calls to us. Speaking of Brigit, will you be celebrating Imbolc on the 2nd of February? It's a very hygge holiday with all the candles.

In a way, yes. Though I will do it on the 1st. That is the day I leave for a lengthy primitive camping and survival trip to stimulate physical, mental, and spiritual growth. (As well as testing my own manhood)

I did not originally intend for it to coincide with Imbolc, this was unintentionally coincidental which actually pleases me greatly. I take it as a good omen. How about you?

Similarly, my birthday party is on the 2nd. But after my friends leave, I'm going to light some candles and do some devotionals.

Thank you for sharing this fascinating experience! I wonder, did this vision come upon you out of the blue? I went from skeptic to student of magick after a completely unprompted channeling experience, and I wonder still how common or uncommon it might be, to suddenly be swept off one's feet like that.

I was firmly agnostic but studying various religions for knowledge. Parts of the old Testament of the bible admitted there were other pantheons, which leant credence to my growing theory that if any pantheons existed, then they all did or do. Then I fell into a nap and experienced this. You how sometimes you can tell something was definitely not just a dream? Pike this was so visceral and soul fulfilling, and the secrets of the universe that I remembered flowing through my mind, couldn't contain themselves in my mortal brain. And I awoke with tears on my face. I know it wasn't a dream. That's when I began practicing in earnest.

I have come to much the same conclusion, that they must all exist or at least partly exist. I had been a full-blown atheist but as you say, you can tell it's not just a dream or imagination. It's a very powerful experience, an otherworldly presence coming upon you like that. Even among occultists who believe in such things there seems to be this thought that it's uncommon for us mortal schmoes to experience things like this, but I think it happens more than we think. And as for all the little tugs on the strings of fate we might not notice so overtly, who can say? Such forces play greater roles in our lives than we know, it seems to me.

amazing vision!

Couldn't resist, sorry. :)


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