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* * * ... "Some of the things that bring me joy don’t cost a thing, like standing outside underneath the full moon, walking through the woods, or conversations with friends. So does talking about the religious and spiritual things I write about on this blog. So does doing those things. The things that bring you joy will keep you going when the Tower is crumbling, when politicians lie and steal, and when your family and allies keep you beyond busy. What brings you joy? What needs to be born at this year’s Winter Solstice? Celebrate the Solstice This is the season of the Winter Solstice. The sun is dying, and with it the calendar year. The challenges of 2017 are coming to an end. 2018 will bring its own challenges: some better, some worse, and many the same. Let us mark the dying of the sun, and let us prepare for the birth of the new sun. And as we do, let us consider the state of the world and how we make our way through it. What needs to be born at this year’s Winter Solstice?"

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Funny how things show up on these site pages

You asked the question

Here is the screen shot I saw


Guess The Clothing Monster Needs To Be Born

The Consumer Industry Will Try To Get You

Any Way They Can



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