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They should. The things that they done to that man was horrible.  Made him drink from the toilet.  Cut his clothes.  Beat him.  This isn't the first time a Trump supporter got terrible beaten, sadly.  Unless the assailant merely presumed he voted/supported Trump.  Hopefully, they'll be charged to the full extent of the law.  If the roles were reversed, same thing.  If it was all white men attacking a black Hillary voter, I would still speak up about it. 

Good post :) 

Being that the fellow being tortured is also mentally handicap, I doubt his political views are his, but, rather, someone that he looks up to. The actions displayed are the same as torturing a child.

Being that the fellow being tortured is also mentally handicap, I doubt his political views are his, but, rather, someone that he looks up to. 

Most likely, but unless people watch both the Rep media and Dem media equally to have a well rounded world view. Then everybody's influenced by somebody.  If you're in an echo chamber, then your thoughts aren't really yours.  But if you educate yourself on Anarchy, Conservative, Libertarianism, Liberalism, Communism. The pros, the cons. The countries in which it's failed.  Then you don't have an original idea, either.  For me, I try to avoid echo-chambers. 

Tho, I agree with everything you said, possibly for different reasons. 

I don't see where we disagreed.

Anyway, this was an excellent post. I'm glad you brought it up. :)

Have a nice day :)

What? There's a Rep media and a Dem media, and between them we find the truth?

LOL... Faux News is nothing but propaganda and lies, and does not need to be seen to learn anything real.

Corporate capitalism has drastically failed the majority of people in the U$A... is that what you mean?

A certain woodland entity here agrees with me...

And what is CNN or MSNBC?

MSNBC is an attempt to create a liberal counterpoint to Faux News.

CNN is corporate slop. CNN never attacks corporations, never reports on their malfeasance. CNN is yellow journalism, whoring for ratings.

CNN covers issues of "diversity" and "inclusion", I'll give them that. But that isn't a left-right issue. Inclusion means lack of racism and bigotry toward people. If that's a leftist position, then we're tacitly acknowledging that the GOP is a cesspool of bigotry. Oh yeah, that is in fact the case!

The RIGHT calls anything which isn't snarky rightwing lies, "liberal". This is a fascist tactic. I lived in Spain and heard FASCISTS, Franco supporters, saying the same things about the Press that the Republiscum say today.

GOP = the Party of Racism and Treason

If you want bettter news, read Le Monde or El País or Jerusalem Post or London Times... U$A media is dumbed-down, just like our culture and our schools.

"That's so true. And regardless of whether they are his political views or not, he's still an American. We're supposed to have the right to express ourselves."

I agree we are suppose to. However, these four clearly didn't see him as fellow human being let alone American. They didn't see him as an equal. They felt power over him instead of empathy.

"There has to be a point where people stop looking at this as "us" vs. "them."

Yes, there needs to be an end to collectivism and collectivism comes in many forms: religious bigotry, racism, classism...

Reminds me of sectarian kidnap and torture even killing of abductees by different agitators around the World. Americans against other types of Americans not shocking after a year of media divisions raised by Donald Trump and ratings driven corp media outlets, the people on the streets caught in the scapegoating crossfire. With Trump's policies aimed to agitate different targets, more video taped assaults on social media will be a problem.

Attacks against mentally impaired or disabled people has been a rapidly growing kind of hate crime in the USA and World.

Between a rock and a hard place. Dangers of online social media even with safeguards. Facebook and other companies that under monitor live streaming videos of members even in commission of crime activity to online video amateur celebs that are identified and killed by someone or persons from audience viewers.

Yeah, it is skull. They put out a cigarette on the same spot a minute or two later.


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