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I have to ask this. It has bothered me for a while.
At Samhain the veil between worlds is the thinnest and we can contact our ancestors. Yes, we pay homage to them but I have read and heard of people contacting ancestors as well.
If we can contact ancestors, what does that say about reincarnation? How can we contact ancestors if they have reincarnated?

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I've also been wondering about that for a wee doesn't add up.
i have been reading alot on buddhist practice lately.. they say that people leave their bodies and live many lifetimes in another form... does that resonate with you at all? they are still our ancestors and our mothers and fathers.
Yes, it does resonate with me. However, it still does not answer my question. I understand ancestor worship. I also understand reincarnation. The two simply do not fit together.
I don't see that it's incompatible. Shinto and Buddhism go side-by-side in Japan. Your ancestors may have "moved on" but it may still be possible to contact them. You aren't simply crossing the veil between the living and the dead, but crossing it twice back to the living again, contacting them in the memory of who they once were. Just imagine, someone may be contacting you to speak to whoever you were before!
Fred, you have come closest to answering my question thus far. I still have my doubts and will be thinking on this for a while.
i found .. its more of a feeling.. than anything else.
"A time without Time, a place without Place" sort of deal?
In my tradition it fits in perfectly. I explained it a bit on my Youtube video. But that topic has come up a lot with many people wondering how honoring your ancestors and belief in reincarnation fits together.

It's based on pre-hispanic Philippine beliefs when we were animists which my great grandmother believed in.
Reincarnation beliefs are many but one of the most interesting I found while doing some study on the subject was, this one author's belief that when we are born on the earth plane that our soul is split.
Meaning part of soul comes with us, and part of our soul stays in the spiritual realm. And when we leave this earth plane, with all our lessons and experiences, and what-have-you, we are then joined with the other half of our soul that resides in the spiritual.

That's one reason people at times feel empty, like we are not whole, like something is missing, the spiritual search that never ends, we are always longing for the other part of our soul, we never quite feel complete.

The belief that when we meditate or astral travel we are left with a peace we don't normally feel is because we connected momentarily with the other half of ourselves.

When we die we connect back to the other side of the soul waiting for us to blend and grow into all the earth's lessons and experiences we have had, make plans, etc. etc. And plan for the next reincarnation. (I'm sure the author explained it better).

Gives new meaning to the term, "we are all in this together."

So it is with ancestor worship or contacting our ancestors, there is always a part of that person on the other side of the veil although they may have already reincarnated; and that part of the soul, the part that resides in the spiritual realm, remembers the many, many people and all the lives his other part was on this plane.

Just another theory but I kind of liked this one. lol

Have you read any of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. She is one of those medium writers channeling from beyond. She writes how our soul is split and simultaneously incarnated in multiple planes of existence at once. And because all the separate entities share the same soul they are linked together. The Seth books are very interesting to read and make a lot of sense. So maybe, if what they say is true, one could say at Samhain the veil between the worlds of our various existences, as explained in the Seth books, is the thinnest.
I never did get back to this, but yes Lemurian I read "Seth Speaks" and "The Nature of Personal Reality"; both of them years ago. Perhaps that is where I read about the split soul philosophy.

I loved the Seth material. I haven't read any of it in years but I still remember some of it. And I haven't seen the above book you have pictured here. I am going to get that and read it.

It has a new title, different from the others I read; perhaps some "old" new material is in it.
I read the Seth books, as well, and I attribute to them (and other sources) my rocket assent into a new understanding that gives me the best this world has to offer.


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