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I have to ask this. It has bothered me for a while.
At Samhain the veil between worlds is the thinnest and we can contact our ancestors. Yes, we pay homage to them but I have read and heard of people contacting ancestors as well.
If we can contact ancestors, what does that say about reincarnation? How can we contact ancestors if they have reincarnated?

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I put no timeline on reincarnation. You people have read that into it.

Why do I even try to explain?

Vigdisdotter you posted this. "That is the assumption you posited."

I did not make that assumption, you did. Nowhere in my original post did I propose a time for the reincarnation to have happened.

I give up. Too many assumptions have changed the topic of this discussion.

cause their still in the spirit realm and havent crossed over yet

I believe that after we die for a time we perhaps are still attached to this life and the people/ loved in it. So when we die we go to summerland for a while and don't necessarily reincarnate right away. We take time to processes everything we learned in our last life before we start a new one. And it could be a couple of human generations before you decide to reincarnate- time in the otherworld is a mystery to me-



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