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read what they have to say about us and how they thrive on their closed minded belief.

its not that i hate Christians its the fact that a lot of them are ignorant!

i believe that they should show respect to our earth based religions because they know nothing about it.

ya know i was raised around people who were this closed minded when i was young.
i loved reading harry potter when i was young. the book was for a school book report in like 4 th grade
i had almost finished it and while i was being watched over by them they saw me reading it snatched the book from me telling me this is satanic "pagan" material and threw it in the mud out her front door.
at the time i had no clue what pagan was until i was in about 6th grade. and at that time i was into stuff beyond my control because i was conjuring things i had no control over. now i have learned from my mistakes, but thats a little off subject. the fact of the matter is people don't do research and judge on the simple fact that any sort of belief is wrong and "were going to burn in hell" because we made a decision to choose an alternate path. you know im a verry open minded person, but this is the path i chose to take a long time ago and not regret it. if my path is wrong fine whatever, but at least i know by the time i die i will have led an amazing spiritual life with our earth the fuel of our being, instead of devoting my life to preaching and passing around a basket for the rich church owners.

oh and btw i absolutely do not hate Christians of any kind, my girlfriend is roman catholic and i respect her path and she respects mine. we also somewhat learn from eachother

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*nods solemnly*
i know what your saying =D i was just a little infuriated hahaha
Robert is correct, there are even pagans with similar types of views you will find them in all faiths. Just ignore them most Christians do anyway...but Harry Potter is evil and can be blamed for most of the worlds problems. Just so you know ::wink::

lmao im just saying when your about 9 and some old fat mean lady says your the child of satan. it makes you wonder why haha. personally i never liked that book eather my teacher ms greer loved it and made us read the first two hahaha.
It's a sad fact that alot of people go through the period of judging other beliefs harshly. Every religion or faith has a few that believe any other belief system is wrong and try to "convert" people to their way of thinking. These people are often termed as closedminded, or ignorant by others.

To borrow from Robert A. Heinlein's SIASL - and Jubal Harshaw in particular:

"Come judgement day, if they hold it, we may find out that Mumbo Jumbo God of the Congo was Big Boss all along ... All the names are still in the hat ... Old Mumbo Jumbo may eat me yet. I can't discount him just because he does not own a bunch of fancy cathedrals."

The inclination toward being close minded is in, and I don't mean to insult anyone here, most people. To keep openminded is difficult for many, and impossible for some. To be completely openminded in all things shows a great deal of character. Through life experiences people can often get stuck into particular habits that help them feel better, or at least let them know where they stand. It can be hard to shake someone from these thoughts.

I cannot shake my grandparents from their belief that my choice of faith is evil and that they need to pray for my soul. Nor would I. If their belief helps them feel better, gives them comfort that I say more power to them.

Robert Chapman is right.

There is, sadly, not much you can do about the closedminded and ignorant. Other than making sure you're not one of them. Leave them be, and when tact is required (in times such as when that woman snatched the book from you)... grit your teeth. It is likely you're going to meet several more people like that woman you mentioned for many years to come. My view is it's just their business, so I smile politely and leave them to it.
thanks =D
:D I know what you mean about the Harry Potter book thing,lol.
Only my ordeal was with C.S Lewis' series "Chronicles of Narnia".
Dad claimed (after my older brother and I had read the entire set like 5x) that because it had odd animals in it like those mentioned in Revelations (something about the half man-half beast thing?) that we could no longer read it and neither could my younger siblings because "it was some sort of satanic stuff".
Which of course didn't make any sense as the series is an allegory of the Bible, mixed with fiction and fantasy. I didn't understand (and still don't) the logic behind that.

He used the same argument (but with a different twist) to keep my mom from reading Stephen King novels. (again, I am still baffled)

Ironically, none of us are Christians anymore,lol.
Sounds somewhat like my family. Of course now I am no longer of the same faith - and I have grown to love horror movies, stephen king novels and anything that in the past I felt was "evil" and

Hmmm what does that say about me??!!?? Oh wait, it's not all about me - or is it??
That bull shit doesn't make me look bad. I'm not entirely clear on why you think it makes YOU look bad; only you can make yourself look bad. I look DAMN GOOD, if I do say'so myself ;-p


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