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I was just watching one of those political news shows and I found something interesting; one man interviewed a variety of people who were both for and against Obama when Obama first ran for President. They then asked those people how they felt now. A good majority changed their mind, where they once had faith in Obama is now replaced with doubt. Some still have faith in our current president.

How do you feel? Did you vote for Obama and will you again? Or have you changed your mind? Why?

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What about the big issues being raised with "executive privilege" and the White House "caught" in a cover up?

sorry, I had to lol.... I find that American politics are nothing but evil, but you have to vote for someone.... What America needs to do is get it together like Iceland...

"B) i do not like Ron Paul period"

Yeah, fuck that dude. He's like the worst parts of Perot and the best parts of Romney.

Check out Gary Johnson.

I will take a pony ;)

your screwed no mater who you vote for, so why not vote for the man with a boot on his head? PONYS TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

Presidents spend very little time being president in the long run. The first year to year and a half is adjusting and working on the previous president's policies and laws then the last year and a half they are working torward re election. Sooo basically, we get about 1.5 years if we're lucky to have a president being a president.
I will not vote for obama. Letting him in was a mistake. But we have no good options this year since Paul is out... So what do we do?

Fuck Obama, that dude sucks.

When all is said and done, I will have voted for him 3 times. Once in primaries, over Hillary. And now it will be twice in general election, over McCain and Romney disrespectively.

I like Libertarian(former Republican candidate) Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, the most.

Gary is pro gay-marriage, pro-choice, anti-drug war, pro tax rich folks equally, etc.

Gary Johnson is a straight laced endurance athlete(Hawaii Iron Man), who doesn't drink, and only smoked weed once, medically for a back injury(broke it hang gliding).

He climbed Everest.

Got his money from selling a construction company, he built up from a self-employed handyman service.

As Governor, vetoed more than anyone ever, equally squashing BS from both sides.

Left his state with a $1 Billion surplus.

But, I'm a realist, so I'm voting for Obama.

Even that lady run'n' for Green Party looks better than Obama, even if she's more Liberal.

It makes no difference. The position of president is a side show. The real power has already shifted to corporations. The world has been conquered by bankers a long long time ago.

:)  and  Knights Templars are still in existance.. right you are Bunny.. follow the money trail..

So far the United States hasn´t got any President or some kind of elected representative who represents the interests of the American People to my awareness.

There is nonetheless an absolutely undeniable debate going on right now whether such a representative should be introduced.

The idea is that once he or she has been introduced , the economy will be restarted by putting the money production machines back on so that people can start printing their own money.

To do that the law has to be changed so that the Central Bank and the home are one and the same institution.

To my knowledge the American People haven´t been voting for a President when they used to claim that they were doing so back in the Old Days.

If I had been in the States and I had been asked if I was going to choose between Obama and Romney I´d have said ´I don´t have permission to choose either men´.

Asked whom I considered myself to have permission to vote for , I´d have said ´anyone who represents the interests of the American People and not somebody or something else´.

Personally I am supportive of that the American People be allowed to have representatives who represent their interests and not those of somebody or something else.

For that to change , we the people of Iceland have to change our presidency first , so that it´ll have multiple presidents running for office at the same time after election and not just one - five should be maximum.

I believe that the dead have had enough of so many people passing into the Afterlife , oblivious of what was going on while all those actors were put on stage with people being told they had actually voted them into office.

Look at the South American Shamanic Communities. I´d suggest you begin there to find models of effective leaders.

"those non voting people helped break the system"

I agree, people are able to vote, most are consumed with apathy and dont vote. The more people, the more power ;)

Number one Obama was a first time president and all those things he wanted to do, he wanted to do but well he found out that there are 100 Senators and I think 435 in the House that didn't want to do them same things. So he only got to do a few of them. So why is everyone mad at him. He at least got a few of the things he said he wanted done.

Really until the whole buy a goverment idea gets outlawed or removed the general public is screwed. Get rid of lobbiest and the electoral college and maybe this goverment will go back to the people.

By the way, I'm voting for Jill Stein. Green party. Romney is much like the Bush's. Corperate will love him.


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